267 It is raining

 The next morning after serving miso to everyone, I woke up to an unusual feeling. The sounds I heard were different from usual.
 It was the sound of water, not the usual sound of the wind blowing. It was raining. I sit up and force myself out of bed.
 I changed into my usual clothes and walked out of the room, it was darker than usual.
 I don't have a clock, so I don't know the exact time, but I've been waking up at about the same time ....... I have a prejudice that craftsmen are supposed to wake up regularly every morning. I have a prejudice that craftsmen are supposed to wake up regularly every morning, and my father was like that.
 I unbolted the door of the house and opened it, although I could see it from the window and didn't need to check it again.

 A drizzle of rain soaked the ground. Strangely, the air is cool rather than damp.
 The leaves and flowers of the trees, which are usually green, are drenched by the rain and hang down as if they are expressing their mood.
 The trunks of the trees were even darker in the rain, adding to the gloomy atmosphere of the forest.

Oh shit.

 I thought to myself. I should have fetched some water yesterday. Then I wouldn't have had to go today. I could have kept the water for a couple of days if I'd had enough to fill the tank.

 However, hindsight is 20/20. No matter what, I'll go out in the rain today.
 When I went outside with the water bottle, I couldn't see Krull, who was usually outside, nor Lucy, who was always with me.
 As I was about to leave, Krull came running out of the hut in a hurry.

It's raining today, so it's okay.
"Krull, Krull, Krull.

 I said, and he rubbed his head against me as if he didn't want to be bothered, and squealed.
 I sighed and got the water bottle and gave it to Krull as usual. Then Krull squealed happily, "Krull.

"Okay, okay, let's go.

 Lucy was laying down at the entrance of the hut, looking at me. She doesn't seem to want to go out in the rain.

"You stay here, okay?

 I said, and she let out a snort. Maybe she wants to share the work with Krull because it's raining and things are different.
 If air pressure exists in this world, it might be a little hard to work with the low pressure.

 We continued on in the pouring rain. The footing was a little loose, making it a little difficult to walk, but our steps were not heavy. Krull didn't slip, either.
 The rain doesn't hit us directly, but the raindrops falling from the trees do.
 At first, Krull was ticklish, but eventually he got used to it and walked without hesitation.

 When we arrived at the lake, we filled up the water bottles one by one. The surface of the lake was rippling with rain. The lake is large enough that even with this much rain, it should be able to hold a good amount of water if it continues to rain. I'd better not go to the river for a while.

No washing up today.

 I said, and Krull nodded his head. He's been drenched by the rain, so he understands. We finished filling the four water bottles and hurried away.

 On the way back, we were drenched by the rain and walked quickly. The situation is the same as when I forgot my umbrella in the previous world, but strangely I don't feel as miserable as I did then.

Maybe it's because Krull is with me.

 When I mumbled this, Krull rubbed his head gently against mine, as if he had heard me.