268 a rainy life

 When I reached home, I rushed to get the water bottle inside the house. Samija and Rike were already awake and handed me a towel (a soft woven linen cloth).
 I took the towel and hurried to the hut where Krull was waiting.

 Krull was waiting for me at the hut, still standing. I guess he understood that he could be wiped and that he would get very dirty if he sat down wet.

"Good, good, good.

 I wipe the towel on Krull, who is squealing happily. His reptilian body is not furry, so he is not as wet as I thought he would be. It didn't take long to finish wiping him.

"I want you to stay in the cabin today.

 Krull mewed in response to my words and (probably) agreed. I check the floor of the hut. The floor is just a little raised area on the ground, but the raised area seems to have been effective, and so far there is no sign of water intrusion.

All right, let's go.

 Krull is fine without eating most of the time while he's in this forest, but Lucy is growing up, or maybe she just likes to eat with us, so we need to take her with us.
 I put the towel I had just finished wiping Krull with over Lucy's head and dashed off. The hut was built a bit far apart, but it might be better to rebuild it closer together or build a covered walkway. In the case of a passageway, though, the roof would have to be raised to a height where Krull wouldn't bump into it.

 I ran into the house and left Lucy in the care of Samija. Lucy is in a good mood, wagging her tail in my arms. If you're too affectionate, Deanna (Mom) will turn her head.
 I retreated to my room with the towel that Rieke had prepared separately, took off my clothes and wiped myself. I can't wear these clothes today. .......
 I took out a small change of clothes and changed into them, feeling refreshed.

 After that, I finished my morning preparations as usual. I usually bring Lucy into the house when the food is ready, but today it was much earlier than that, so I watched with interest as everyone else got ready and did their laundry.
 Deanna and Helen were doing the laundry with a little more enthusiasm than usual. It's always good to have a little cheer.

 I finished preparing breakfast a little early, so I helped them hang their own laundry. I couldn't do my family's laundry because it would interfere with my work, but my own laundry was no problem.
 I hung the laundry on the terrace that had just been completed.

"I'm glad it's working for you.
Yes, it is.

 The laundry ......, or rather the basic household chores, are headed by Rike. She has the most experience from her family's life.
 In fact, Helen is also very good at housework. When I asked her about it, she said, "I used to do it when I was at home, and even at the front, I used to do a little laundry in between.
 Samija is not dexterous, but she can do the basics, and so can Liddy. As for Deanna, ...... she often looked away, so I won't say much about her.
 I'm not going to say much about Deanna because she often looks away. She's a quick learner by nature.

 After dinner, I usually take Lucy out of the house, but it's raining today. I decided to let her stay in the house for a while longer.

Now, about today's work.
Will it be business as usual?
I don't have a specific request this time. ......

 I should just do the work as usual, but I'm not going to deliver for three weeks. I have some time.

Let's make something new.

 When I said that, Rike's face lit up. I chuckled at that and opened the door to the forge.