270 mace

 I made a total of nine flanges. All nine flanges are identical without any deviation.

Hmmm, this precision seems to be the master's specialty.
"Really? Aren't there other blacksmiths who can do this?

 If you are a skilled blacksmith, I'm sure you can achieve a very high level of accuracy. If not, it would be impossible to combine complex shapes like armor and make them move smoothly.

My father can do it to "almost the same" level, though. But it's impossible to make something you're not used to making fit perfectly without matching it in such a short time.

 Rike said as he stacked nine flanges on top of each other.

I'm sure you can make something decent in a simple forge on the battlefield.

 I'm sure there are limits, and depending on where you are in the battlefield, if you're in a place where magic is scarce, you won't be able to put as much magic into it, so the performance will inevitably be lower. It's a high-end model, I guess.
 While Rike is working on the flange, I'll make the handle and the handle for the flange.

 Put the sheet metal in the fireplace and heat it. When the temperature is raised to the point where it can be worked, it is beaten into a bar. The handle needs to be somewhat long, but not too long that it will be difficult to handle, so keep it at a reasonable length. Helen, who is used to working with short swords, will probably prefer a shorter length.
 Once you have reached a certain length, heat up another piece of sheet metal to make a thinner rod. It is not as thin as a wire, but thick enough to be bent.
 This is wrapped around one end of the handle to make a handle.

"Rikke, I'm sorry, but I need your help.
It's no problem.

 If you can pull it while it's still hot, like glass, it's a little more manageable, but it's hard to do that with steel. I thought about heating it up in a furnace, but there's something to be said about magic power. .......
 Wrap the thin rod around the rod that Rike is holding in place with a tool. You can do several rounds, but after a certain amount of winding, it will cool down, so you have to reheat it and repeat the winding process.
 Once you have wrapped it around the stick a little longer than the width of your fist, stop at that point and put a loop around both ends of the handle to prevent it from slipping off.

 Now it is time to attach the flange. After heating both the flange and the handle, hammer them together like a weld. Since I had to hammer while supporting both the flange and the handle, I asked Rike to support the handle. If I were to mass-produce it, I would need to make a jig so that one person could do it. I don't plan to do that at the moment.
 Using the edge of the anvil, I attached the nine flanges.

Okay, that's it.

 Ricke's eyes light up. I shook the finished mace lightly. The head was a little heavier than the rest, of course, because it was made that way. It might have been better to make the handle a little heavier to balance the weight.
 When I showed it to Rike, he said something like "I see ......, I see ......" and started looking at the workings here and there. He shakes it lightly, just like I do. I don't like the idea of a dwarf with a mace. An axe or a hammer would look too good.
 Even looking at it from the side, it looks ...... strong enough to withstand impact for the time being. I'll have to have it tested to be sure.
 So I decided to go out on the terrace and try it out, just before the sun went down, with some scraps of wood left over from the sheathing process and a sheet of sheet metal. Other than me and Rike, we finished our work for the day and came out together.

 I handed the finished mace to Helen, and she started swinging it with a buzzing sound. She doesn't look like she has much muscle, but she can swing it very lightly. I guess this is the difference in experience.

It's just the right weight. The head is a little heavier than the body, but it's not too heavy.
"I see.

 I replied calmly, but inwardly I was relieved. Samija seemed to have figured it out and was grinning at me.
 Deanna and I hold the scraps.

Don't let it hit us.
"Of course not.

 I smirked, and Helen snorted. I smirked, and Helen's mouth twitched. Then she quickly raised her mace and swung it sideways as hard as she could. There is a loud cracking sound and the wood splinters to pieces. The hard, heavy head combined with Helen's skill and strength could be so powerful. .......
 The other thing that surprised me was that the impact was barely felt by me. When I looked at Deanna, she looked surprised, so it seems she didn't feel the impact either.

Let's try the sheet metal.
"Yeah, sure.

 Deanna and I supported the sheet metal with our hands. The impact would be felt on our hands, so we prepared ourselves for it.

Let's go!

 Helen casually announced, and the mace swung out again.
 The mace swung out again. It's not that I'm not a good person, but I'm not a good person.
 It seems that Deanna did the same, which means that we both let go at about the same time. The sheet metal, with its considerable weight, flies to the edge of the not-so-small terrace.

 I run to the sheet metal. There was a piece of sheet metal with a dent in the middle, like the middle of a self-forging bullet.