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This is awesome.

 I lifted up a piece of sheet metal that was deformed with a dent in the middle. If the sheet metal had been made hard and fixed tightly, it might have been punched out in the shape of a flange.

If it had been made of hard sheet metal, it might have been punched out in the shape of a flange." "So this is going to hit a helmeted head or a body with a breastplate? With all your might?

 Rike's eyes rolled back in his head as he shouted half-heartedly. Everyone else is rolling their eyes, too.

That's right.

 I'm also quite surprised, but my confidence in my own creation and in Helen's abilities allows me to respond a little more calmly.
 However, I don't want to imagine what will actually happen when it hits a person's body. It's definitely not a scene that would make a good meal.

"I probably don't need to ask this, but how did it go?

 I asked Helen how it went. I asked Helen how it went, and she replied, not with a voice, but with a vigorously made bump.

I'd like to see a sturdy leather strap looped around the end of the handle. Something a little longer.
Good for swinging?
Oh, you know what I mean. Then you can put it around your wrist so you don't drop it.
Yeah, that's right.

 I saw a movie in the last world where a guy was wielding a hammer. It may be difficult to handle, but there is a way to handle it like a flail ....... Maybe.

I'll put it on again.
"Oh, no need to rush!

 I don't know why you're so upset, Helen. I smiled and said, "All right. With the sound of the rain behind us, we headed back to the house.

 I feed Lucy and take her back to the hut before getting ready for our own dinner. She was running so fast that we left her there for the day.
 She ran in the rain, but at that speed, she may have only gotten a little wet. I thought I could hear Krull's happy voice in the rain.

 The next morning, it was still raining, but today it was much lighter than yesterday. The water we had fetched yesterday was just barely enough to cover our needs, but we should replenish it while it was still raining.
 That way, we won't have to go and fetch water tomorrow when it's pouring.

 As I left the house, Krull came running up from the hut. Today, Krull's water bottle is out from the beginning. I tied it to Krull and she walked off in a good mood.

 She finished fetching water and came back to the house. The rest of the day was a repeat of yesterday, but only slightly less wet than yesterday, so I thought it would be easier ......, but it wasn't really.
 However, I feel a little better because it didn't rain as much. I don't like to walk in the pouring rain anymore. Let's just say it was a good decision to go today. I'll be shocked if the weather turns out to be fine tomorrow.

Shall we make the delivery for a while from today?

 Rike and I have a light meeting. Since we can't go outside, we won't be able to have a picnic for a while, and if we mass-produce the deliveries to Camilo now, we can reduce the number of deliveries and have more time off.
 With a little help from Helen, we might be able to mass-produce quite fast. Even if it doesn't, we can at least do it. I want to take it easy in this area.

 As I was preparing to light the furnace and fire pit, there was a knock on the door of the forge.