275 double-handed sword

Is that the two-handed sword at ......?

 Anne nodded at my words. The power of a two-handed sword wielded by someone of her stature was frightening to imagine. Even if she couldn't split bamboo, she could probably split a skull or two like a watermelon.
 For a moment, I wondered if she could swing herself around, but her height made it difficult to tell, and her body was sturdy all around. It was hard to tell because of her height, but her body was sturdy all around. She looked like a lychee stretched vertically.

Am I correct in assuming that you are familiar with her?
"Yes, I am. I'm not as smart as my brothers and sisters, and Harriet is better with small weapons than I am. I have a body like this because of my race. ......

 I don't think Anne is stupid either. Hmm? Race? I thought you were big, but if you are...

Excuse me, but are you a giant?
"Yes. People in the Kingdom may not know much about it. In the Empire, we don't hide it, so no one really cares, but you're human and your mother is a Titan.
"I see.

 I see. The Titan man I saw before was three meters tall, but the son of a human and a Titan would not be that big.

Harriet is a lizardman, Eleanor is a dwarf, and Brother Leopold is a beastman. Your Majesty does not make any distinction between them."

 Then Anne looked at me meaningfully. She looked at me as if to say, "Aren't you? I'm sure you're trying to say that, but I'm just trying not to discriminate, that's not the same thing. ...... No, right?

I'm sure you'll understand. I'll make you a two-handed sword then.
Thank you.

 She sat down and bowed deeply.

So, how much do I owe you?
Oh, that's up to you. See how it turns out and pay what you like.

 When Anne asked him what he wanted, he was puzzled. When Rike saw this, he sighed and said.

"My master is like this.
I see. If you want the work of a first-rate craftsman, you must be a user who can judge the price.

 I don't know what Anne misunderstood when she heard Rike's words, but she started to say something like that. I was going to say, "You just have to get a price that you can afford," but that was blocked by a hand reaching behind me.
 The strength of this force is Deanna. I'll just let her think she's wrong. I clap her hand to show my approval. I clap her hand and say yes.

Then I'll see how it goes. ...... Can you wave this stick in your space?

 I handed Anne one of the pieces of wood that I had brought to the forge to be processed into a scabbard. The hilt is too thick for a sword, but it's a good length, and the wood in this forest is tight and not too light, so there's no inconvenience in checking it.
 The ceiling of the forge is quite high, so even Anne can wield it.


 With Anne's spirit, the wood flew through the air with a whoosh. I thought it would be a little slower, but it wasn't. If it hit that wood now, it would probably break a bone or two. What would happen if it hit me on the head is as you can imagine.

 After waving the wood around for a while as if she had an opponent, Anne said, breathing on her shoulder.

"Huh ...... huh ...... how ...... was it ......?
Thank you. I've got a general idea of where I'm going with this.

 As it's a two-handed sword, weight is obviously a priority, but how to balance it with swinging speed? That will be the key to a custom-made model.

...... It's raining today, so you can't do it.
"I know, I know!

 After warning Helen, whose eyes were sparkling at the sight of Anne, I got ready.