276 Two-handed sword production started

 The sheet metal in my workshop is roughly the following sizes. It's just a rough estimate, but one piece makes a knife, two pieces make a shortsword, and three pieces make a longsword.
 This is just a guideline, and it may increase or decrease in size. In the case of items that do not fall into the above three categories, it's up to you.

 Now, let's talk about how many sheets of sheet metal are needed to make a two-handed sword. There are already established procedures for making sheet metal, so there's no problem with that, but it doesn't make sense to make a lot of sheet metal just for mass consumption.

Should we start with the furnace and not use the sheet metal?

 I said to Rike. Rike nodded and said.

If we start with sheet metal, we'll have to work twice as hard to get the right amount.
I guess so.

 It was my turn to nod. It's very helpful that you understand my intentions like this.
 Rikke called out to Samija and the others, and began to put the iron into the furnace. It would take some time before the temperature was high enough for the iron to come out.

Would you like to rest, Anne?
No, if it's possible, I'd like you to watch me work.

 Anne looked a little surprised. Normal blacksmiths don't often let people who aren't their apprentices see them at work, but we're not normal.
 At any rate, since I was supposed to be observing, I put my worries about the guest room and Anne's presence out of my mind and concentrated on my work.

 I boil the ironstone until it is just about to enter the furnace, and pour it out when it is ready to be removed.
 Normally, I would stop after one sheet of sheet metal, but I keep pouring and make a large plate.
 It would have been fine if that one time was enough, but it wasn't, so I boiled the ironstone again.
 The furnace is also a kind of magic item (apparently), and it seems to control the temperature rise in the forge, but there's nothing I can do about the physical fact that there's an object there that's over 1000 degrees Celsius.
 Within a short time, I was dripping with sweat. My family hydrates from water bottles with wooden cups that we each have, but Anne does not.

She said, "You'd better take off your clothes and drink some water as soon as possible. You don't want to get sick from the heat.
"Okay, okay.

 Liddy handed Anne a cup for the guests. Liddy handed Anne a cup for the customers. If she collapsed due to heat stroke, there was no IV drip and there were limits to what she could do, so she would have to prevent it herself.

 By the time I had finished pouring the iron for the second time, I was looking as good as Anne, who must have been soaked by the rain.
 We left the forge to wait for the iron to cool down a bit, and to give our bodies time to cool down as well, and most importantly, we decided to have lunch at the right time.
 I also remembered to ask Deanna to show Anne to the guest room.
 But maybe we should add a guest room soon. If another guest comes now, we have no choice but to show them to an empty room.
 When Anne's work is done, we'll decide what to do about it. With that in mind, I closed the door of the forge, which was now empty.