277 Two-handed sword making in progress.

 We decided to hang Anne's rain-soaked clothes and cloak on the terrace, along with our own clothes.
 Anne was shown to the guest room, where she put her luggage and changed her clothes. She was now wearing a dress by Diana, but it looked like a normal dress. She is also wearing a pair of pants underneath, which seems to be easy to move around in.

I'm sorry for everything.
"No, no.

 Anne bows her head, and Diana answers. It's supposed to be a conversation between a princess and a young lady, but the content is not so far-fetched that it's almost uncomfortable.
 Rikke and Liddy, who had gone out to dry their clothes on the terrace, came back with Lucy. They were asleep on the terrace. I wonder if they want to be in a place where they can see Krull.

Bon appétit.

 When everyone is seated at the table with the usual lunch (Lucy is waiting on the floor), we say "Itadakimasu". Anne was copying us, though she was a bit surprised.

"I'm sorry we only have this kind of food.
I'm sorry we only have this kind of food." "No, it's fine, we're just inviting you in.

 I was worried about whether it would be suitable for my taste, but it seems my fears were unfounded. I'm eating a normal amount of ...... euphemistically speaking, according to my body size, so I don't have to worry about it for the next couple of days.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. .......

 After lunch, I went back to the forge to continue my work. I've got enough iron for the two-handed sword, so I'm going to ask everyone except Rike to go back to making sheet metal.

Rike, you can help me here.
"Of course.

 Rike smiled, showing off his surprisingly strong hump.
 It's not easy to make a two-handed sword by yourself, so you'll need help. I'll let you observe me when I'm working like this, and it'll be less work if you help me.

 Heat a lump of iron in the fireplace with all your might. Once it's hot, you strike it with an anvil, just like any other sword. But.

It's heavy and hot. ......

 It was heavy when I took it to the anvil, and now it's hot too. You have to grab it with a tool, and it feels heavier.
 I bring it up to the anvil with all my strength and start beating on it in unison with Rike. I hit it too, but I signal with my hammer where I want him to hit. Because both of my parents worked as blacksmiths, they immediately understood my signal and hammered as I wanted.
 After a while, when the temperature dropped, I took it to the fireplace to heat it up again, but it was still heavy.

I'm afraid I'll break my back.
My father used to hurt his back sometimes, so you'd better be careful.
You're right. ......

 He tapped his back and looked at the fire. The magic anvil holds the iron in its red stomach and heats it to the same color as the flame, as if digesting it.
 When it is removed again, it is struck with an anvil to stretch it. Since it hasn't reached the desired length yet, the magic power is secondary. Anyway, for now, the priority is on length.
 At the side, Lucy is curled up in Anne's lap as she observes the work, and Diana looks a little resentful. Lucy is very friendly. .......

If you can, please give her some water. If you put it in this dish, she'll drink it herself.

 Because of her fur, Lucy tends to get hot in the forge. I'll prepare a special dish for her and let her hydrate there. I'll check on her from time to time, and if she seems to be in danger, I'll ask her to retreat to the house.
 With these thoughts in mind, I hammer down on the lump of iron that has grown so long.