280 a late riser

 When I got back to the house, almost everyone was awake. Normally I would have gone to fetch water. When I came back, everyone was washing their faces, so I didn't really know when they were getting up, but it seemed they were getting up pretty early.
 I say "almost" because one of them hadn't gotten up yet. Anne.

I wonder if it's because she's a princess or because she's a princess that she can afford to sleep in the middle of hostile territory, even though the door is bolted.
"I think it's your personal character, Anne. I don't think she's aware that she's a princess because she's the seventh princess. It's like when your brother was the third son and was sent to the city guard.
"Speaking of which, why did you become a lowly guard? Not like a captain.
Your father said, "Eventually, you will be posted to the city as a deputy and help my brother in his administration. To do so, you must know every detail of the city. There are many things you won't be able to reveal as a captain. Go as a simple soldier."
"I see.

 The image of Marius standing guard at the entrance to the city comes to mind, but in reality he is also patrolling the city and its streets. I haven't dropped in on him because I don't have any business there, but I'm sure he's been around some dangerous areas.
 It's hard for me to judge whether it's better to know such things or not, as I've never been involved in the regency, including in the previous world, but at least Marius' father (who is also Diana's father) thought it would be useful.

What were the deputies going to do if things went the way your father wanted them to?
"Retire with your father, I suppose. He was looking for a place to retire. But with everything that's happened, I think he'll stay in his current position until a replacement is found.

 By "things," I mean the incident that brought Marius to his current position and Diana to our house. I don't know much about the other two, aside from Samija and Rike, so I won't go into details.
 We decided to let Anne sleep for now and start preparing for the morning, and each of us started our own preparations.

 Anne woke up when we were halfway through preparing breakfast, and we started to think that we should wake her up.

"Minna hinan...... ohayo gozaimasu......

 Anne came staggering out of the guest room. Her hair was shaggy to begin with, but her sleeping habits made it even shaggier. Her eyes, too, were not clear whether she was sleepy or not.

Good morning. I've filled the tub with water, so please wash your face in there. If you have any laundry, please take it out.
"Hi ......, thank you .......

 Anne knelt down by the tub and plunged her face into it as if she were on her knees. The whole group gasped at the sight. After a few seconds, she looked up.

"Pfft! Aaaaah! You're waking me up!

 Anne's voice and eyes became clearer than they had been a moment ago. Once again, everyone's face became surprised. I'm the type of person who remembers some things from the previous world, but I'm sure it's quite rare in this world. I wonder if that's part of my imperial upbringing.
 I told Rike to hand me a towel and started to prepare breakfast.