281 Two-handed sword making, Day 2

So, the two-handed sword is going to be ready today?

 I nodded at Anne's words as I sipped the soup she had prepared for breakfast.

I nodded as I sipped my breakfast soup. There's not much work to be done from here, but it's going to take all day, so I don't think you'll be able to come back today. Besides, it's raining.
"I guess so.

 Anne replies lazily. She said she was awake, but it would take some time for her to get used to it.

If it were sunny, I would show you around the forest, but since it's looking like this, that's not going to happen.
"That's quite all right. I'm not very good at exercising.

 I was about to shout, "You're lying! I almost shouted, but I held my ground. I'm doing great. Samija's nose was twitching because she thought the same thing.
 Well, I guess they sent you here for your quick thinking rather than your fighting skills.

So, Anne-san, you'll be observing today.
"Yes. Thank you.

 Rike and I will make two-handed swords, and the rest of you will make sheet metal today. Anne will be observing, while Krull and Lucy will stay in the hut.

 We all bow to the altar in the forge. I told Anne, "It doesn't matter if you do it or not," but she did it with us.

She said, "This kind of thing makes my heart tighten.

 He said, "It's really tense, isn't it?" But his distinctive eyes were a little puffy, probably because his stomach was in knots. I'll just be observing after this, and Lucy won't be here, so you can go back to your room and sleep.
 I sighed lightly and got ready to work.

 I was able to extend the two-handed sword to the desired length the day before, but in terms of shape it was still just an ordinary steel plate. From here, we had to beat it to make the shape of the sword.
 We can't heat the whole thing at once, and even if we could, it wouldn't do much good. The problem with heating parts of the sword is that the heat may not penetrate into the sword in the same way, but since it is me, I don't think there will be any problem.

 I'll heat each part, and Rike and I will beat on it in unison. We will start with the side that will be the body of the sword, and aim for a hexagonal cross-section.
 Not all two-handed swords are like this, but this one is intended to be a "heavy" weapon, so I didn't take out much of the blade, and only made it about a quarter of the width on each side.
 The other side of the handle will be made into a straight cylinder. The other side is heavier and harder to handle, but I managed to heat and process it.

Excuse me.

 I asked Anne to make a clenched fist with both hands and join the handle head with the length of the fist. I didn't pin it because I thought the load would be too much.
 The greater the load, the faster the damage. I would like to avoid that.
 The heated parts and the end of the handle are carefully hammered with a small hammer. At this time, the priority is to connect the parts, not to worry about the magic power.

 In this way, the two-handed sword without the tsuba was completed. It was a little after noon.

So that's what it looks like. Well then, let's eat and finish it up.

 I said to Rike, and she went around telling everyone that it was time for lunch.