282 the completion of a double-handed sword

 We finished our lunch by talking about nothing in particular. I didn't want to step on any landmines and start the afternoon's work in a bad atmosphere. The situation is different from dinner, where you can sleep and wake up and forget about it. It's also a kind of survival technique that I learned in the previous world.

 By the time I got to lunch, I had completed the approximate form. The important thing in our product is how much magic is in it.
 Anne has a family name ...... and is a member of the imperial family, so there is a very good chance that she has some knowledge of magic. If this is the case, there is a possibility that she can sense the magic power contained in the product.
 However, if Helen's shortsword had been appraised, she would have found out, and there was no need to take any chances.

 This work can be done by Rike to some extent, but beyond that, I have to do it myself. So, as a "minor modification," I hammer the cold blade during lunch.
 In order to make the sword more durable than sharp, the hammer is used to put magic power into the body of the sword. It took a long time to fill the long blade with magic power, but I was able to fill it to the limit of what the steel could hold.

 After that, I continued to file away the unevenness. I was in charge of this work as well, since it was the work of shaving off the body of a sword filled with magic power. I will not use a whetstone to sharpen the blade. I will not use a whetstone to sharpen the blade, as the weight and hardness of the blade will be enough to smash most things.
 In the meantime, I asked Rike to make a part for the flange. This will be pinned on later. Due to centrifugal force, the head of the handle is likely to be overloaded, but I decided that this would be less so. It is also a place where you can see it, so if you want to change it, please do so by yourself.
 After the sword was cleaned up with a file, it was time to harden it, but since it was a long process, I decided to keep pouring a lot of water on it, instead of submerging it in the usual water tank.
 While the two-handed swords were being heated, we all drew water from the tank into tubs and so on, and kept pouring the water on them desperately. The timing of the "start" and "stop" commands and the range of the heating are important, but I can handle it.

"All right, let's go!

 I brought the heated two-handed sword to the empty tank. Everyone is waiting with something in their hands to pour water on.

"......, begin!

 I call out, and everyone starts pouring water. A sizzling sound and rising steam enveloped the forge. The heat hits us all at once, but we can't let it get the better of us.
 When the time is right, I give the next command.


 Everyone stopped their work for a moment. I stared intently at the sword's body. It seems to be okay.

"All right, we're good.

 Everyone let out a sigh at my words. It must be exhausting to work so intensively. I think we'll have a nice dinner for Anne's farewell party.

There's still more work to be done...

 There's still a lot of work to be done!" Everyone's shoulders slumped at my words, but their eyes were full of motivation.

 We repeated the process, and when the sun set in an hour or so according to our internal clocks, the quenching process was complete.
 Then, with everyone watching, I attached the tsuba that Rike had made, and finally engraved the figure of a fat cat on it, and it was complete.

"All right, it's done!

 Everyone shouted with joy. It was the first time for us to work together like this, so it was refreshing.

Everyone seems to be getting along well.

 I replied to Anne's relaxed, but still a little sad, words.

"Yes, we are a family.