283 a double-handed sword cut

 While everyone was cleaning up the forge, I wrapped leather around the handle to prevent it from slipping. Now it was truly finished.

Here you go.
Thank you.

 I handed the two-handed sword to Anne. She took it and moved towards the business meeting area. It's a bit bigger there.
 Anne lifted the two-handed sword and held it at the upper level, then swung it down. There is a sound as if the air is cracking.
 Next came the side-cleave. There was a heavy sound as well. If I try to catch it with my sword, I can only expect to be knocked out with it.
 Just being able to swing it in all directions shows that you have more than enough muscle power. I wonder if it is a characteristic of her race.

It's like the old Diana.

 Helen, who was standing right next to me before I knew it, blurted out.

Helen, who had been standing right next to me for some time, blurted out, "You look beautiful, but you're not ready for battle, are you?

 I whispered, and Helen nodded. Helen nodded at my whispered words, "You've been practicing, but you haven't had any real combat experience.

I can handle it then.
You'll get hurt if you don't.
I know.

 I know. I'm sure it's not safe to let him wield that two-handed sword with all his strength. I could tell that she was worried about me, so I patted Helen on the back to show my appreciation.
 As if her gratitude had been felt, Helen stepped back a little.

Try this one.

 I prepared a target with a generic model longsword stuck into a suitable log, and called out to Anne.

"Are you sure?
"Yes. If it breaks, I'll shoot it again.

 This is one of our prized possessions, but it would be nice if it could be used in this way. It can be used as an equipment.


 Anne held her two-handed sword in a side-cleave motion. And then, as if she was holding still to gather her strength...


 A flash of spirit, and a dull silver light runs straight through the air. There was a high-pitched squeal, and the two-handed sword swung out to the side. It was as if it hadn't hit anything at all.
 But it was clear that he had actually hit the target. The longsword that had pierced the log had disappeared right down the middle.
 There was a momentary pause, and then a clang. A few feet away, the other half of the longsword was lying on the ground.

"Well done.

 I clapped my hands and admired Anne's skill with the sword. Helen's right, my upper body could be like that if I'm not careful. .......

No, no, no, this is amazing. It's very ...... good for my skills.

 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

But it's really amazing.
It's my job.
No. ...... Well, let's just say that.

 She then smiled suggestively. After all, it's not just about explaining the situation and ordering. .......
 I'm not going to touch that for now. If possible, I'd like him to leave without touching it, but I'm not sure if that's what I want.

 With this anxiety in mind, I left the forge to prepare for dinner.