284 a small banquet

"And now, in celebration of the completion of my commission.

 I raised a wooden cup filled with wine (fire wine only for the sake of liquor). For the food, I grilled the best parts of the deer and boar meat that I had saved, using herbs and soy sauce-based sauce, respectively.
 For the bread, I wanted to use fermented bread if I had more time, but I left it unfermented. The soup was the usual one ......, or rather the leftover soup from lunch with a little meat added. The soup is the usual one , or the leftover from lunch with some meat added.

If you don't like the brown sauce, please try the herb-roasted one.
"Yes. Thank you very much.

 My family was fine with it, but soy sauce is a fermented food, so it has its own smell. It's no wonder some people don't like it.
 After nodding at my words, Anne took a piece of boar meat into her mouth. I couldn't help but stare at her. The meat was chewed and swallowed with a gulp.
 I asked her with some nervousness.

"How is it?
"It's delicious!

 Anne said, almost shouting. I was surprised, but I was glad that it suited her taste.

"Oh, I'm sorry, .......
"No, I'm glad you said that.

 I smiled as much as I could, but Samija and Helen looked like they were about to blow up, and Rikke and Deanna looked kind of strange. Liddy looked like she was about to say, "Yeah, ......".
 No, I can at least give a friendly smile, you know? It's just that I didn't do it much in my previous world, so it's awkward.

"What is it you use?
It's a northern seasoning made from fermented soybeans and wheat. It's made by fermenting soybeans and wheat with other ingredients.
"Oh, from the north?

 Anne's eyes narrowed. I guessed from her name that she was from the north, and she thought that this confirmed it.
 There was no way she could have guessed that he wasn't from this world in the first place.

"A merchant I'm close to got it for me.

 I answered cheerfully, pretending not to have noticed that. There's a bit of treachery here.

If you could pass it on to the Imperial side, I'd be happy to oblige.
"I'll talk to them about it.

 The rest of the conversation was very casual. I was most impressed by the way Deanna and Anne were discussing the state of the courts of the Kingdom and the Empire.
 As a countess, it seems that she had a lot of opportunities to go to court, and as an imperial princess, it goes without saying. We listened attentively to her story.
 After a short but enjoyable party, we all cleaned up and went to bed.

"Well, if the rain is better tomorrow, I'll take you to the entrance of the forest.
"Yes, please. Yes, please.

 Anne and I and the rest of the family said good night to each other and went back to our rooms.

 --Then, halfway through the night, there was a knock at my door.