286 a letter to His Majesty the Emperor

 I came back from my room to the living room with my writing utensils and unfolded a piece of paper. It was a thin sheet of plant fiber paper, but I didn't know what it was made of. The edges were unbroken, and the paper had a rough feel to it.

"Well, how do you want to write it?
"The least we can ask is that you do not support the kingdom more than necessary.
I don't object to that, as it would be unwelcome for me to be perceived as favoring the kingdom, but only if it would be cumulative to my friends.
I think that's fine.

 As long as the empire doesn't go "I'm going to supply the kingdom with the same quality as custom-made models," I guess that means the immediate threat has been averted.
 Now that we're in agreement, I'm going to write it down on a piece of paper.

You write very well, don't you?
Is that so?

 I don't see many documents in this world. We see a lot of signs, but many of them don't have any writing on them. So, I don't really know how beautiful my handwriting is.

"I can use magic and write beautifully. It's strange that with all this education, we don't know anything about his background.

 Anne's narrowed eyes narrowed. Anne's eyes narrowed, as if she were a bird of prey checking the location of its prey.

There are many reasons for this. I'm sure you've already guessed to some extent when such a person is living in seclusion and working as a blacksmith.
Yes, that's true, but...

 If you have received a very high level of education, you can be assumed to come from a family of a certain rank. If that is the case, it is usually difficult to hide it even if you try. Even if you are the youngest of ten children.
 If you were born into a common family like Helen, you might not be able to tell, but if you were educated to the point of being able to use magic, you should have been raised in a noble family until a certain age.
 Even if you were sent from a noble family to a noble family, you would know which family you were sent to. Unless you are a god, you cannot assume that you were not born in this world in the first place.
 There is no point in telling the truth if you are probed about it.

Anyway, let's finish the rest of the story. Well, I'd like to decline the invitation, but is His Majesty the type of person who should write a thank-you note first?
No, I don't think your father will mind too much. He doesn't like rhetoric.
"I see.

 Then you can simply write, "It's nice that you're buying my arm, but my friends are here and I can't go," with enough rhetoric to not be rude.

The rest is at .......

 Put the butt of your pen to your chin and think. It's not a diplomatic note, it's just a personal letter, but it'll get the word out.

"Oh, yeah.

 At the end of the letter, I wrote (in a way that was not rude, of course), "If you would like to come to my house alone, I can make you an order that meets your requirements.

"Well, I guess that's about it.

 I put my pen on the table and looked over the letter. I put the pen down on the table and looked over the letter to make sure I hadn't left anything out or written anything unnecessary.
 While doing so, I suddenly realized something.

"If you think about it, isn't it pretty bad for a blacksmith to send a letter to the emperor of the empire by entrusting it to the princess ......?
It's okay. If I had been able to cage you, it would have been different, but this is also one of my objectives. This time, I'm basically a messenger.
Okay, then.

 I waited for the ink to dry, then rolled up the paper and handed it to Anne. Since it was a letter, I wrote my name and address, but I did not include any other proof.
 I did not include any other proof, because if there was a serious problem with this letter, we could both cover it up. We can only trust each other there.

Thank you.

 Anne received my letter with a normal smile, not the squinty-eyed one.