287 the return of a princess

 Anne received the letter from me and retired to the drawing room.

I'm going to bed too: ......

 I've taken a good amount of time, so even if I go to bed now, I may not be able to sleep much.
 However, one of the lessons I learned in the previous world is to sleep for an hour when you can. I tried to open the door of my room.

 As I put my hand on the door, I felt a presence and stopped. A hallway leading to the family room. I see a figure there.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?

 No," I answered in a small voice, and she quietly approached me.

Did you hear me?

 She replies in a low voice. I wonder what she thought. As I was wondering if I should ask her, the answer came from her.

You have no intention of leaving, do you, Mr. Eizo?
Yes, I do. Well, it's a home I've come to.

 Her voice was thin. It's a characteristic of hers. She's not a very talkative person, so she doesn't usually come out, but she's not a quiet person either.

"What if I asked you to come live with me in the Elven Forest?
"...... Yes. That's a very tempting offer.
Really? - Enough to make me think that might be a good idea.

 When I said this with a slightly annoyed look on my face, she - Liddy - put her hand on my chest. She put her hand on my chest, and it was warm as if she had cut it into the shape of a hand.

I'm sorry, I was a little mean. This is home for me, and you are my family. Good night.

 She smiled softly and went back to her room. I scratched my head and put my hand on the door of my room. Then, I suddenly realized.

"Maybe she was just waiting for me in case something happened?

 I thought to myself, but of course there was no answer. I felt the smell of the forest tickling my nose because of the rain.

 The next morning, I looked at the rain and saw that it was much better today. In the previous world, it was enough to make me wonder whether I should take an umbrella or not.
 This means that there will be no inconvenience in sending Anne home. It's also possible to fetch water.

 When I went to the hut where Krull and Lucy were, they were both very excited. I couldn't take care of them yesterday. I'll take them both to see Anne off, even though it's going to be in the rain.
 We'll go to the lake together, get some water, and come back. It wasn't raining, so I got a little wet, but not as bad as the day before yesterday. I wiped it off lightly and said, "See you later.


 She was in a very good mood. My daughters are very energetic. .......

 At breakfast, I tell Anne about seeing her off.

"Well, after breakfast, I'll take you to the entrance of the forest.
"Yes, please. Yes, please.
Do you want to go with me?

 "Yes, please do." "Are you all coming?" I asked, and they said they would all come with me. So it'll be the whole workshop family.

 After breakfast, we all dressed in our rainy weather traveling clothes - though we only put on an extra cloak to go into town - and went out.
 Anne was carrying that huge two-handed sword on her back. We each have our own weapons. In the rain, the wolves would have retreated, but that didn't mean there wouldn't be people wandering around, like the big black bear when we first came here.
 Krull and Lucy were waiting for us out front, and we all began to walk together, with Deanna calming Lucy's frolicking.