288 walk out of the woods

 Today's rain was light, and when we went into the forest, it seemed to be quite sheltered, so it didn't hit us as much as we expected.
 However, there are raindrops that are blown by the wind or fall down because they cannot bear the weight. They occasionally hit my cloak and made a heavy thud.


 They hit Kururu, who is much bigger than us, and he shouted every time they hit him, as if it tickled him. I've seen something like that in an animated movie from a previous world.
 As for Lucy, she's so bummed out that Diana has given up and is letting her run around. She didn't care about the mud on the ground, so she was covered with so much mud that you couldn't tell what color her fur used to be. I'll have to give him a good wash when I get home. .......

I'm not sure how I got here. I'm sure very few people know where it is.

 I asked Anne as we walked. Did you do some research, or did you try to get Camilo to make an offer?

It's a ...... secret.

 Anne's answer was just as I imagined it would be. Well, I wasn't expecting her to tell me that.
 I hadn't expected her to tell me, but she didn't need to tell me about the Empire's research or negotiation skills.
 I sniffed a little, showing some discomfort and some understanding.

 I looked up at the green roof (which was leaking quite badly for a roof), which was occasionally dripping rain.

The wolves are getting fed up with all this rain, even if it's better today," I said.

 I said, to which Samija replied.

"Maybe. Maybe not only the wolves, but the deer too. On sunny days after a long rain, they often just stand there in a daze.
Distractions make them easier to hunt?
Yeah. They don't notice us when they normally would. That's why we learn to hunt at this time of year.
I see.

 Deer are very cautious and have a good sense of smell. They have the same level of hearing and eyesight as humans, but in other words, they can be as alert as humans. It is said that if you can kill one deer in three days, you are an expert hunter. The fact that she can kill one in a day is largely due to the knowledge and experience of Samija, who has lived in this forest for five years.
 However, if it is easy for us to hunt, it is the same for wolves and bears. It may be related to the fact that wolves give birth at this time of the year.
 We walked leisurely through the forest, talking about "animals after the rainy season".

 When we were almost at the entrance to the forest, Anne cut in.

We were almost at the entrance to the forest when Anne cut in, "Um, ......, I'd like to pay for the one on your back, .......
"...... Oh.

 I forgot all about it. You could have told the rest of the family.

"You're asking the price, right?
Yes. That's how it works in my family.
Well then.

 Anne rummaged around inside her clothes and pulled out a leather bag. It seemed to be quite large and heavy, so if it was gold, it must have a lot of money in it. He might have been thinking of buying me with money.
 I said, "Pay later. He must have judged that I was not interested in money, because I said, "You can pay me whatever you want. As it turned out, that judgment was also correct.

"Well, here we go.

 Anne took out some gold coins from her leather bag and handed them to me. She didn't have a whole leather bag, as expected. I took the gold coins. There are many aspects that are different from the gold coins that I have received several times.
 As I gaze at it, it says

"The Imperial Gold Coin. One of them is worth about five gold coins of the kingdom.

 As Anne said, the size is large and the gold is heavy, probably because of its purity. If there are about 10 of them, that's about 50 gold coins. It's just a big one, but it's simple in construction, and it's more than enough to get me this much.

I see. Thank you.

 I said the usual words and put the gold coins in my pocket. I'll ask Camilo to exchange the gold for kingdom gold at ...... sometime soon. I'll be asking Camilo to do it sometime soon.

It's about time.

 I heard Liddy's voice, almost too loud to be overheard by the small sound of rain, and I looked out into the forest.