289 an assassin

 Slowly approaching the entrance to the forest. I keep calling it "the entrance", but it's just that it's a bit more open than the surrounding area.

"If you come back here, you can be picked up at .......

 When Anne said this, Samija stepped forward quickly.

It smells like blood.

 I can smell blood," said Samija, her voice not very loud, but clear.
 My nose can't feel anything. It was raining, and if it had been, it would have been running, but it seemed to have reached her nose.
 While I was puzzled, Helen pulled out her shortsword. Both back and hip.

You there?

 Samija and Helen nodded at each other. Helen also felt something, so it seems that Camija was not mistaken. Samija prepares her bow.
 I slowly pulled out the ice. Three swords and a sword illuminate the dimly lit space in blue. After all this time, we might be at a disadvantage in a night battle.
 Seeing our movements, Diana drew her sword and Liddy readied her bow. Rique is keeping Krull and Lucy back a bit. He doesn't want to get too far behind them, because that's where they'll be looking.

I know you're in there! Come on out! If you don't come out, I'm going to shoot you with my bow!

 Helen shouted so loudly that my ears almost rang. Helen shouted so loudly that my ears were ringing. Samija squeezed her bow threateningly. Before I knew it, we were able to move in unison, and despite the tense situation, I was a little impressed.
 There was a short pause, as if he was hesitating whether to leave or not.

 Then, about five figures appeared, all dressed in light green. Their faces could not be seen clearly because they were covered by masks. They looked like ninjas. It is unlikely that all of them came out easily, so it would be better to assume that two or three more people are hidden.

"Just for the record, was that the person who picked you up?

 I asked Anne, thinking that even if it was a pickup, it would be a 100% pickup to the afterlife. The reply was a shaking of the head.

The answer was a bobbing head. "Just hand us over and we won't touch you.

 Said one of the greens. A man's voice. I don't know which side he's from, the kingdom or the empire, but it seems he only wants Anne.

Do you think we're going to just hand over our precious guest to you?

 Common sense tells us that Anne is just a customer, and there's no need for us to cover for her and get her into trouble.
 But still... No matter how troublesome it may be, I am not so heartless as to hand over my acquaintance to suspicious old men.
 Hearing my answer, the men took a stance. In their hands was a blade with a length somewhere between a shortsword and a knife. I don't know if the liquid dripping from the blade is poison or rain.

 It was all well and good up to the point of picking a fight, but what should I do now? I'm a craftsman, not a merchant, so I'm not an expert in what to do with what I sell. I guess I should have gotten the cheat for selling stuff.
 However, you can't just say, "I quit.

Deanna, Liddy, and Rike, take Anne, Krull, and the others and hurry back to the house. I, Cermia, and Helen will take care of this. If only one of you returns, ...... leave the house immediately and go to the capital.

 I instructed. I could see the hesitation in the family. But they said, "Hurry! Now! They nodded their heads as if they had made up their minds and started to move.
 Five green men (and maybe some women) tried to follow us, but we didn't move. They raised their weapons again.

 Well, let's see if we can get through this. .......