290 battle

 The rain, which had been drizzling, picked up a little steam. Anne might not have made it back to the Reich by the end of the day anyway.

"Five against three. Well, not necessarily five.
Can we afford it?

 Helen snorts at my words. They're not upset. I was hoping to get a clue as to the true number of people, but I guess she's not that dumb.

Maybe you are, but I'm an amateur.
"You're right.

 Helen laughed, but in fact she was an amateur at combat itself. .......
 The men were closing in on them. Sarmyas stepped back a little in response. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I'd like to know what to do if someone comes after me.
 The siege stops when my sword is just out of reach.

"Last warning. Go through there.
That's rude. Do I look like I'm stupid enough to say yes?

 The man didn't say another word. Instead, he cut in as if he was answering my question.


 I tried to slash his hand with the sword I had at the ready. He tried to catch it with the dagger in his hand (which was a little shorter than most), but "Thin Ice" easily sliced it away.
 He literally returned the blow, this time aiming for the torso, but the man jumped back a moment too soon and swung.

"Tsk. Northern weapons are tricky.

 The man seemed to think that was a characteristic of the sword. The man seemed to think that it was a characteristic of the sword. He must have noticed that it was special to some extent, because the blade of the thin ice glowed a light blue, but he didn't think that the performance would be much different.
 The man threw away the dagger that was missing from the middle of the blade and pulled out a spare dagger.

I'll tell you what, now is the time to go home.

 There was a moment of hesitation in the man. He was probably trying to decide if he could outnumber me. Although it would be troublesome later, it would be better for him to leave so that he could plan his countermeasures.
 However, he did not release his stance. Then I'll show no mercy. He glanced sideways at Samija, and she gave a very small nod.
 Another one joins the man's side. The other three were struggling to hold off Helen's onslaught, but they seemed to be mainly checking her, not trying to kill her yet. She's not going to let them get away either. But that's what she's doing against three people. I guess the name "Thunderbolt" isn't all it's cracked up to be. .......

 Now it's my turn to slash them sideways. As I expected, they both jumped back. I spin sideways with the momentum of my sword swing.
 I saw something pass right by the back of my head as I spun. An arrow fired by Samija. The arrow evaded my attack and flew into the head of the first of the two men who lunged at me when I had a chance.
 The man doesn't dodge. He must have a certain amount of protection on his head. If it were an ordinary arrowhead, that would have been enough.


 The arrow pierced his head, and the man screamed in agony. It wasn't an ordinary arrow that Samija shot. It was an arrow of my own making. It is said to be very hard, an arrowhead that can easily pierce the skull of a boar in this forest. There's no way you can protect yourself with a little protection.
 I crouched down while continuing to spin, and turned and ran the blade into the other leg.
 A beam of blue light sliced through the leg.