293 get home

 It is moving with a rustling sound. Most of the animals in this forest will run away with this sound, and the family members who are chasing me now will also hear this sound. I would rather let them know that someone is approaching.
 Because there is no Samija over there, and it would be difficult to determine who is coming by smell. This time, we are the ones who are chasing them, but considering the fact that these are the same people who were chasing us earlier, it would be safer if we were alerted.
 Just when we thought we might catch up with them, a small shadow darted out through the bushes. It didn't look like it was going to kill us or anything, so Samija and I, as well as Helen, were slow to react.
 But then the shadow said...


 It squealed in a cute voice. That was it. With Lucy around, we could at least tell who was approaching. She has a better sense of smell than Samija, so she could tell if the smell was familiar.
 I picked up Lucy, who was wagging her tail in the rain. The movement of her tail becomes more intense.

All right, let's go home together, then.

 Helen couldn't help but giggle at this. Helen chuckled at the sight of us. Lucy had come to pick us up, which meant that everyone was close by. We walked faster.
 Soon, we could see everyone. It's almost home from here.


 I call out loudly to everyone. They all look back at me. Of course, Krull is the tallest, but Anne is also very tall and stands out. It would be much easier for the pursuers.

"Is everyone okay?

 I asked, and Diana answered.

"Yeah, we're fine. How about you?
We're fine. "We're cleaned up.
"Yeah. Good. Lucy just started running. ......
Maybe she smelled me.

 I wonder if they sent anyone after us. I thought we were keeping one or two people in the dark. Or--

"I'd like to leave early, but let's sweep the perimeter and cover our tracks. I don't think they're following us, but just in case. Helen, Samija, Deanna, come with me. Lucy, come on. The rest of you just hang in here for a little while longer.

 It's not nice to be attacked in your sleep when you get home. Lucy didn't react, so she seemed to be okay, but it was a matter of life and death, so you had to be careful.

 I slowly patrol the area, looking for signs of life. The women (including Lucy) are in front of me, and I'm acting as a guardian, covering their tracks with broken branches.

Any luck?
No, I don't see anything.
I don't feel anything either.

 I circled around, but I didn't see anything. I could see everyone I'd left behind in the distance. We're going back out there again. Covering our tracks, of course.
 Aside from Anne, Liddy and Rike are pretty much done with fighting. So all the main forces are here. I thought this would be a good time to try for a comeback, but since there's no movement, it looks like those five were the only assassins.

"Okay, now let's go home.

 Everyone shouted in agreement and we started walking home again.

 When we got home, we put Krull and Lucy in the hut and poured water from the cistern (there was more water than we thought) to remove the mud from their bodies. Lucy shook her body and splashed us, but we didn't mind because we were wet from the rain.
 Afterwards, I wiped Krull and Lucy's bodies with a towel. These towels have come in handy the last few days. I'll buy more. .......

 Thus ended the brief send-off and escape. Now I have to think of a way to fight back.
 With a little dim flame in my heart, I slammed the door of my house shut.