294 from now on

 When they returned home, the family and Anne wiped themselves down and changed their clothes into dry ones. After that, we all gathered in the living room.
 I lit the stove, boiled some water, and poured a little fire wine for everyone. No one said a word during this time.

"Well, here's what's going to happen.

 I started the conversation. All eyes were on me.

"Do you think they'll come back once they've been repelled?
I don't think so.

 I don't think so." Helen dismissed my words with a snap.

If we were going to make a decision today, we would have sent more assassins, regardless of whether or not they knew about Attai and Eizo's powers. The reason I didn't do that is .......
"Because you can only send a little at a time?

 Helen nodded, this time at my words. "It is a fool's errand to send in forces one after the other.
 To cut a long story short, for example, if you send five men twice to an opponent who can't be defeated 9-1 but can be defeated 10-1, you won't be able to defeat him because you'll just be repeating 5-1 twice. There is no other way but to send 10 players from the beginning and kill them.
 It's not as if they don't know that. So, for some reason, we have to send people at the last minute.

I'm not sure if it's because they're from the Empire or because it's too conspicuous to move a large number of people here, right under the nose of the capital, even in the Kingdom.
"Hmm. ......

 I crossed my arms and looked at Anne.

I crossed my arms and looked at Anne. "You have a lot of ...... ideas, don't you, Anne?
"Yeah, well. I'm sure you'll be able to. If I were to name just a few, I'd lose count of the days.

 Whether she was used to the situation or not, Anne replied with a hollow expression.
 Even the seventh princess, who has several successors to the throne above her, is a member of the imperial family. There will be times when she will be a hindrance, and there will be times when she will be thought to be of use.
 There are nobles in the Empire as well, and although you may not want to think about it, you may know someone from the same Imperial family.

What's the most troubling thing you can think of?
Of all the people I can think of, I'd have to say my brother Vladimir.
A family member?

 Anne nodded with a firm look in her eyes.

"He doesn't take kindly to non-humans like us. He usually doesn't show it to the public, and is usually involved in the politics of the empire because the first prince, Brother Leopold, keeps him in check. If the second prince doesn't get involved at all, it's also a matter of honor.
"I see, that's troublesome.
Isn't it?

 Anne and I looked at each other and chuckled. It's not going to solve the problem, but it's the last thing you want when you've lost your mind.

But it's such an easy way out.
"That's what's so un-Vladimir-like about it, isn't it?

 Anne nodded her head.

"Maybe Vladimir asked someone in the kingdom to do it?
What do you mean, "someone"?
As you may know, we have a good relationship with Count Amour. I'm also acquainted with the Marquis of Menzel.
He's a mainstream figure in the kingdom.

 Oh, is that so? I didn't think much of that. I don't need to. But I nodded, not letting it show on my face. Samija and Deanna seemed to have noticed, and made strange faces.

So it's possible that he asked one of the nobles who wanted to oust the mainstream to do it.
"Yes. However, I'm only guessing so far. As soon as I am able to go to a merchant I know to distribute goods, I will go there and tell him about the situation. I need to gather some solid information.
Isn't it dangerous to go out there?
Well, that's true, but... As long as Anne isn't there at the time, I'm pretty sure she'll be fine. I don't see any targets on the other side.
"I see. ......

 It is possible that you will be attacked, of course, but with me, Deanna, and Helen here, we should be able to drive back any opponent of that caliber.

In the meantime, I'm sorry to say that Anne is going to have to stay here for a while longer. ......
"Yes, that's fine.

 "Yes, that's fine," Anne said with a smile. But I couldn't stop thinking about the last possibility, the farce to create this situation.