295 Let's go back

 I suddenly realized that it was raining outside again. It's not much different from yesterday's rain. As if to reflect this, the air in the living room is gloomy.


 I said cheerfully, trying to shake off the gloom.

"Let's get to work.
"At a time like this?

 Samija interrupted me with a question.

There's too little information right now. There's no point in being afraid of something you don't understand. In times like this, you should just focus on your work and force yourself to change your mind.

 It's a trick I've learned over the decades of being a black company employee in my previous world. I can't deny that I've been treated well.
 With a sigh, I opened the door to the forge.

 I started firing up the fire pit and furnace, and my family began to prepare for work. Anne was watching me closely.

"Can you help me with the ......?
"Are you sure?
"Well, if it's all right with you, we'll just do something simple for today.
All right!

 I'll tell Rike what to do.
 I'll tell Rike what to do.

Then give Anne an apron.
"Okay, sir.

 The apron is only a normal human-sized one, so it's 'tsukuruten', but it covers the minimum, so it's fine.

I'll have you make a mold for me then. Liddy, show her how it's done.

 Liddy's thin hands hold the clay and press it against the male mold. Her soft movements are like playing a musical instrument.
 On the other hand, Anne began to do the same work as an imitator. Her hands are slightly larger. They are not twice as big as Liddy's, but they are as different as an adult's and a child's.
 They look like those of an ordinary woman, but their size is far different, and they press the clay into the mold.
 Me and Rike watched and got on with our own work. The plan for today is to make a knife from sheet metal first, and then a sword using the mold.

 As I was finishing the first knife, Anne's voice echoed in the workshop.

"How's it coming?
I don't know until the iron is poured, but it's good. It doesn't look like there's any problem.

 Liddy is checking and answering. If it's okay according to Riddy's check, it shouldn't be a big problem.
 I continued to finish the knife.

 We had a quiet lunch in the afternoon. I was now ready to make the sword from the mold Anne had made. I'll do the work after I pull it out of the mold.
 I could have asked Rike to do it for me, but I wanted to see how the first one turned out, so I decided that it would be better to finish the whole thing myself.

Let's get it flowing.

 Samija said, holding the long-handled ladle with which she scooped up the molten iron. It was meant to teach Anne, and also to say that it was dangerous because the temperature was usually over 1000 degrees Celsius.
 Samija gently pours the contents of the ladle into the mold. The red iron was swallowed into the mold with a cloud of smoke rising up.

 After letting it cool a little, he took out the mold and lightly hammered on it. The clay, hardened by the heat of the molten iron, crumbled with it.
 The core of the sword had not cooled completely, but was still too hot to hold in his hands, so he grabbed it with a pestle and lifted it up.

...... How is it?

 Anne asked me fearfully, looking up at me (not so much up at me because of my height).

It's good, isn't it? I'm sure you won't have any trouble finishing this.

 When I said this with a smile, Anne said, "Yes! I said with a smile, and Anne gave Liddy a high five.
 It's the "always" that counts. There will be trouble ahead, but we must keep this "always.
 With this in mind, I hammer my sword to remove the inevitable burrs that will occur.