298 a disciple of a disciple

 In the end, it rained for about three days. It weakened a little, but it's better to go to town when it's not raining. Especially now, because of the situation.
 During that time, I went to fetch water when the rain weakened (also to walk Krull and Lucy), but since it was not a good time to hunt, I mainly just went about producing goods to be delivered.
 Anne, on the other hand, had found a more suitable job than making molds, so she was mainly working on that. This was the making of sheet metal.

 Sheet metal is made by pouring steel from the furnace into a mold and hardening it so that the weight is roughly the same, but it is stored in boxes or fences or something like that. They are stored in boxes or fences or something like that, which may be similar to cages for puppies or kittens.
 Therefore, some distortions and the like are tolerable. However, it is still better to have them as flat as possible, so that they can be stored easily, and they can be stacked easily when they are processed.
 For this reason, I also try to flatten it by beating it while it is still cold. This is the kind of work that was done with a roller in the steel mills of the previous world.

 Once, I let Anne do this work, and it turned out to be quite good, perhaps because of her personality.
 In terms of strength, Helen and Deanna are no slouches. However, when it came to the accuracy of the finished product, Anne was slightly better than both of them, and although Samija was more accurate, Anne's work was a little faster due to the difference in strength.

I like that.
Is that so?

 I checked the finished sheet metal and gave my honest opinion. Anne looked a little happier.

"See, when you stack them like this, you can tell.
"That's true.

 We stacked several sheets, separating only Anne's sheet metal from the other sheets. Even if we stack the same number of sheets, Anne's sheet metal is lower in height than the other sheet metal, and the sheet metal "tower" is not distorted.
 It's only a small difference, but when there are dozens of them, it becomes noticeable.

"Well, since it's such a good opportunity, I'll ask Anne to do the sheet metal.
"Leave it to me!

 "Leave it to me!" Anne says, and bumps her head. The sound of flames and laughter echoed in the forge.
 Perhaps at this moment, everyone had forgotten that she was the Seventh Empress. Perhaps even herself.

 But then, either Samija or Diana, who was finishing up the sheet metal, would have to be sent to work on something else. It's a good opportunity, I'll give it a try.

Cámara, do you want to take a lesson from Rique and try the knife?
"Are you sure?

 Samija said, her eyes wide open.

You've been pounding sheet metal for a while now, you've got a knack for forging steel, right? Well, of course, if Rike is willing.

 With that, I looked at Rike. Rike nodded as if he had made up his mind. It was painful to say this before Rike had fully achieved his goal, but since I didn't have a system, I had no choice but to give him a crash course.
 However, I don't have anything systematic, so I have no choice but to learn by observation. It is unreasonable to ask a beginner to learn by observation. Rike immediately began to teach Samija the basics.

"Heh, now I'm your disciple, aren't I?
"I'm not good enough to be your apprentice yet. 

 And so, for three days, the smithy was filled with the sounds of happy hammering and faltering but joyful hammering.