299 To the funeral

 On the fourth day, it was raining loosely again. According to Samija, the long rains are almost over, so it will stop.
 Still, it rained for a little over a week. If it had been pouring all the time, I might have considered building the Ark.

 In the morning, I finished fetching water and other things, and proceeded with today's work.

When it stops raining, do you think the creatures of the forest will start wandering around? Wolves?
"That's true.

 I asked Samija without stopping my work, and she paused her filing to answer.

You've been cooped up for a week, you need to move your body as well as your food.
"I see. So if I'm going to move, I'd better do it today.
You got something?

 I nodded.

It may be too late, but if I can find the people who came for Anne Frank, I'd like to make it right.
Oh, .......

 Even though it was expected that she would return around that day, it would be suspicious if there was a dead body lying around to ambush us. It would have been carefully covered up.
 At that time, we prioritized our safety and left to avoid reinforcements while we were looking for the body.
 So, although some days have already passed, it should not be too late. At least it's better than doing nothing.

Let's go at noon, the rain is getting better. Let's go at noon, before the forest creatures get their hands on us.

 I said, and they nodded. I turned to Anne and said.

I turned to Anne and said, "Anne, I'm sorry, but I need to check something, so could you come with me? It might be dangerous. ......

 Even though time has passed, there is no guarantee that the other side has given up. It's also possible that you'll run into reinforcements, or a rescue team of some kind, as the time has passed.

They must have been prepared for that.

 At my words, Anne looked away from me and said in a not-so-loud voice. I felt the expression on her face, which I had grown accustomed to through my recent experiences, return to that of the 7th princess.


 Anne turned her face to me. But," she turned her face to me, "Anne's face is familiar to me again.

"Thank you.

 Anne bows her head deeply. It seemed to me that the person there was not Annemarie Christine Wiesner, the seventh imperial princess who had lost her men, but a woman named Anne who had lost her acquaintances.

 Then, after a wordless lunch, I got ready. I sighed, but decided to do it. I put on my cloak with determination.
 I wasn't sure if I wanted to take Krull and Lucy with me. Even though they are not human, I don't think it's appropriate for children to see them, and they went out to fetch water this morning.
 But in the end, I decided to take him with me. If something unforeseen happens, we can bring them both back home with Anne, and we can handle the rest.

Okay, okay, we're going to Anne's friend's today.

 Krull rubbed his neck against me, happy to be going out for the second time today. Lucy is also running around my feet.
 I patted Krull's neck and Lucy's head and left with the rest of the family ready to go.