304 the whole town

 As I approached the entrance to the city, I saw a familiar figure. It was a familiar guard. I don't know his name, because I always pass him by. If I told Marius or Camilo what he looked like, they would probably know, but I wouldn't bother asking.


 I peek out from the slightly slowed down cart and greet them. Deanna and Helen are looking around.

"You guys. We didn't see you for a long time, so we were wondering what happened.
It's been raining.
It's been raining a long time.

 We exchange a few words and pass through the entrance to the city. Unless there is a serious crime on the loose nearby, this is how it goes.

 The town is bustling as usual. Perhaps it had been raining yesterday, but there seemed to be a little more foot traffic. As usual, Lucy is peeking out from the cart, scurrying around, making passersby smile.
 I knew that she wouldn't do it in the city, considering the risk of failure, but there was always the possibility that she would do it on the spur of the moment, so I pretended to be paying attention to Lucy, while keeping an eye on my surroundings.

 In the end, there were no suspicious figures or attackers until Camilo's store. As a result, it was a complete waste of time, but it's too late to stop it before it happens. .......
 As usual, I put the cart in the warehouse and left Krull and Lucy with the boy.
 Both Krull and Lucy seemed to have grown attached to the boy, rubbing their necks and running around his feet.

Hey, Krull and Lucy, don't get in the way too much.
"No, no, no, it's fine.

 The young man smiled. If Krull and Lucy were to be targeted, it would be while they were having a business meeting or something like that, but I think they would be fine if they were left in the hands of this young man.
 I went to the business meeting room as usual.

I'm tired. ......

 While I waited for Camilo to arrive, I plopped down on the table. I hadn't had a moment of peace of mind until I got here. This is going to go on for a while.
 Deanna laughs as she watches.

I thought Eizo was used to this kind of thing.
I thought Eizo was used to this kind of thing." "He may have come from the north for a reason, but he's basically just an old blacksmith. There's no way I'm used to it.

 Of course, even in my previous world, I never experienced going to a customer's office with the thought that my life might be threatened. I've never been in a situation where I thought I was going to be killed.

But you're moving a little slow for someone who's after Anne Frank.

 Helen said with a slightly serious expression. She must have been on the edge of her seat, but she didn't look the least bit tired. Is this the difference between a professional and an amateur?
 I remained prone and turned my face to Helen.

"What do you mean?
"If you were aiming for Anne, you should've done it on the way. It's been a long time. It's normal for them to try to sneak her into their luggage, bring her here and then hand her over to Camilo for escape.
"I see.

 In the event that you're not sure whether or not you're aiming for Anne Frank or not, you might want to check out the situation first.
 If that's the case, should we assume that they have some kind of intention for not launching the attack here?

You need to be cautious, but you can't stay on your toes all the time.
Yeah, I'll leave Helen to you on the way back.
Okay, let's get down to business.

 This time Helen smiled, too. Then there was a knock at the door and I sat up and started to think about what I should ask Camilo.