305 Information Gathering

"Hey ......, what's up, you look tired.

 Camilo raised his eyebrows as he walked into the room.

I'm tired.
That's unusual.

 If you ask me, I've never been more tired when I came here than from the travel itself. It was more like a distraction.
 I chuckled and said to Camilo.

Well, I'll tell you why I'm tired later, but first let's talk business.

 Camilo and I went about our business as usual. Camilo and I went about our business as usual. I asked him to pick up the usual goods that I had been working on.
 When Camilo looked at him, the manager nodded and was about to leave the room, so I hurriedly added.

I hurriedly added, "Oh, and extra salt for one person, please. I'll pay for it.

 The bartender raised one eyebrow, but said, "Yes, sir," and left.

"Is that why you're tired?"
"Well, yeah.

 I shrugged my shoulders. I shrugged my shoulders. Camilo's expression showed no sign of curiosity. What's the point of hiding things between me and this guy?

I didn't bring her with me today, but I don't think it would help if I didn't tell you, so I'll tell you about the guest who came to our house.

 And so I told him about Anne. Thus, I told her about Anne, including the fact that she was the seventh princess of the empire and about the attack. While I was talking, Camilo listened intently without making fun of me.
 The fact that he didn't look surprised meant that he at least knew that I was the Seventh Empress.

"I see. ......

 After I finished speaking, Camilo sat back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. He was tweaking his mustache, which is his habit when he has a certain amount of information but is not sure if he should talk.
 We are waiting with bated breath to see when he will start talking. Helen looks like she's about to pounce, but I hold her back.
 Eventually, Camilo lets out a huge sigh and turns to us.

First of all, she came here, and I told her where to go.

 Helen is about to pounce, but Deanna and I hold her back. It's getting a little hard for me to do this on my own.

I knew exactly what you were going to ask me to do, but I knew Eizo would say no. I also threatened the Marquis that if he tried to harm him in any way, he'd hear about it.
Can I take that as trust?
"Of course.

 I said with a wry smile, but Camilo coolly brushed it off. It's true that he wouldn't have told me where he was if he thought I'd just go along with the invitation. At least I think I'm contributing enough to get Camilo in trouble.

So, the identity of the marauders you're most concerned about is .......

 Camilo trailed off. A silence fell over the room. I think I heard one of us gulp down a spit. Maybe it's me.
 It was like a moment, like an eternity. Camilo's next words were.

"We can't be sure at this point.

 That was it. We all looked at Camilo with a blank stare.

We all looked at Camilo with a blank stare, "Well, we just found out that that happened. You don't understand.

 Camilo says with a pout. That's true, but Camilo is a wealthy merchant. I don't think you can complain if you think he knows at least part of the story.

I'll look into it. I'll look into it.
Oh, yeah, please.
I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.
Well, I'll see you next week.
Will you do that? I'm sorry.
No, the sooner we get this sorted out, the better.

 After that, we talked as usual until the guard came back. Marius has been working hard in the capital and has established himself as a count. You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier. .......
 In the end, the watchman came back and we left the room. It's rare to see Camilo calling out to the guard, but I wonder if he's taking immediate action. If so, I'm grateful.

 After closing the door with a bang, Helen murmured.

"He was angry, wasn't he?
Is that so?
Well, I guess he's mad at himself, too, because someone he cares about is in danger.

 I saw him as the usual Camilo, only a little more serious and aloof than usual, but Helen, who has known him for some time, said otherwise.
 I bowed my head to the door, which was now closed and I could not hear anything.