306 Children grow up.

 I went downstairs and around the back, and Lucy came charging at me, her tail wagging. I squatted down to catch her. The impact was greater than before, a true sign of how much she had grown.
 Will I have to avoid her soon? No, I can see myself (or Deanna) trying to catch her while being blown away.

I'm sorry for everything.
No, no, no, no, no, no.

 No, not at all." He replied with a sly smile as he tipped the boy. He looks to be in his teens or younger, but I guess he will become a fine young man.
 Perhaps Camilo and the bannerman are looking forward to the day when they can have a drink together.

Speaking of which, does Camilo have a wife or children?
I've never heard of any.
Neither have I. I've never heard that he used to have one.

 My question was answered by the boy and Helen. I can't speak for others, but it must be rare in this world for a good, old, successful man like Camilo to have never been married.

If that's the case, then out of the three bad boys, I guess your brother is the first to get married.
What are the "three bad boys"?
You, Camilo, and your brother. You, Camilo and your brother always hang out together, don't you?
No. ...... Yeah, .......

 When you say our relationship again, it does seem like a bunch of bad kids hanging out. So I didn't argue any further.
 I rubbed Krull's neck as I walked him to the cart. Krull seems to be in a good mood.

Is Marius's early marriage a family affair?
Yes. You can't say no to a marriage, especially if it's from a relative of the marquis.

 If the Marquis wants to keep the Count in his faction, the quickest way to do so is to marry someone from his own family and become related to him. Marius wouldn't be able to refuse because he owes him. There is even a possibility that the advantage is greater than the disadvantage.
 Marius is said to have established himself as a count, and it would not be surprising if this kind of thing has already been discussed. However, I would like the wedding party to be held after Anne's case is over.
 Regardless of whether I'm invited or not, I don't feel comfortable sending Diana to the capital alone in the current situation. I'll have to send Helen as my escort, but even so, there's always a chance.

 The cart was loaded with the goods we had bought as usual. If you think about it, it's pretty amazing that we can consistently procure a certain amount of goods.
 I don't know, because I haven't asked him about it, but it's quite possible that he is often asked to provide supplies for expeditions. Would the Marquis let such a "useful" person go free? In fact, I think that he would probably marry off one of his relatives' young daughters.
 Well, the nobleman must have his own reasons for doing so. I'm sure he'd refuse, Camillo.

"All right, let's go home.

 I tied Krull to the cart, made sure everyone was on board, and announced that to everyone.
 The answer came in the form of a single cry from Krull, and the cart slowly left Camilo's store.