313 one's first hunt

 With a thud, Anne falls to the floor. My family looks down at her. Samija, Deanna, Liddy, Helen, and Rique don't even try to wake her up.
 Anne's breathing is very ragged. Eventually, it gets smaller and smaller, and then she takes a big breath. ......

I'm so tired!

 Anne shouted. There were no neighbors, but if this was an apartment with thin walls, the volume of her voice would be 100% certain of a wall bang from the next room.
 It happened just after we finished our work for the day and opened the front door for the hunting team who came back a little later.

I'll bet.

 I said with a chuckle. I hadn't been with her before, but even Deanna, who was much stronger than most young ladies, was exhausted at the beginning.
 In the previous world, wildlife could run very fast, so chasing them would be quite a challenge.

But it was a good move.
I wasn't in the forest, but I've been hunting a few times.

 I've been hunting a few times, though not in the woods," Anne replied, raising her body from the floor. I see. She may not have been as naive as Deanna, but she was definitely a tomboy in her own right. If not, why would she want a two-handed sword?

That boar was huge, by the way!
"Especially today's one. It's not usually that big.
I've never seen one that big in my life.

 Today's prey seemed to be a boar, and Anne, Saamya and Liddy were cackling as they talked about the hunt.
 Anne, in particular, has been excited ever since she got her breath back. It seems that hunting in the forest has become very familiar to her. Even now, they are expressing the size of their prey by stretching out their big bodies, saying something like, "This is so big..." They seem to be returning to their childhood, as if in inverse proportion to the size of their bodies.

"It was that big?
"If Krull hadn't been there, I might have been in a bit of trouble. Samija said it would be fine with Krull and a lot of manpower.

 Deanna and I look at Camija. When she noticed us looking at her, she shrugged and said.

Lucy's the one who found it.

 Lucy responded with a wag of her tail. I patted her on the head. She's growing up to be a fine hound, or rather a hound-wolf. It will soon be able to catch a rabbit by itself. It's up to her to decide whether she wants to stay with us or not.
 Since we would not be able to pick up our catch until the next day, we ate a normal meal for the time being, but even in the middle of it, Anne was rowing slowly. I'm sure she'll sleep well today. ...... You'll wake up tomorrow, won't you?

 The next morning, Anne woke up without me worrying about her. I had expected her to be too tired to wake up with sore muscles or something. Her eyes were wide open and her movements were agile.
 As I was putting together breakfast, Anne said with the best smile I've ever seen.

"I'm looking forward to the pull-up!

 I see. I smiled and laid out my breakfast.