314 a great achievement

 After such a peaceful breakfast, we got ready to go out. Although we were only going to pull up a boar in a forest we knew well, we were not sure what to expect, so we each took a weapon with us.
 Even if there are no assassins wandering around, there is a good chance that a scarier bear is wandering around. The only way to get out of the encounter with the least damage is to kill it quickly. Attack is the best defense.
 However, Anne is using a knife (general model) that was sold yesterday. She is not a fan of short spears, but she is not a fan of two-handed swords.

"Eizo-san has such a long weapon too.
No, it is indeed much shorter than that two-handed sword.

 He lightly dismissed Anne who pointed it out with a pouting face. Of course, I'm doing this just in case. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this with a two-handed sword or a spear, given my size.
 I'm 90% sure that I'll be okay, but for the remaining 10%, it's possible that someone in my family will be seriously injured, if not killed. Until we are 100% sure that we are safe, we should be cautious.
 This is the same reason why I chose a general model instead of a high-end model. It is better to have as little damage as possible when something happens.

 Aside from my thoughts, Anne walks through the forest in as good a mood as Krull and Lucy, except for that one point. As if to reflect her mood, the forest is quite bright today, with sunlight shining here and there.
 She sees a squirrel-like creature in the distance, and a different kind of deer from the one she usually hunts, and every time she asks what it is, Samija answers.
 When I asked her if she hadn't seen it yesterday.

I asked her if she hadn't seen it yesterday, and she replied, "I was too busy yesterday.

 I asked her if she hadn't seen it yesterday. Oh, I see. It's good that you like this forest, even if it's just in case. If it becomes a place of pleasant memories, the probability of getting into trouble will decrease. Less ......, right?

 I took my time, and took longer than usual to reach the spot where I sank.

It's huge.
"I told you so.

 Samija's chest heaved at my words. I hadn't even entered the lake yet, but I could see its majesty. It seems to be about my height, not its length. In terms of weight, it must weigh close to 500 kilograms. I've heard that in the past, in Europe, there are big ones like that, but it's almost a monster.
 I'll have Lique and Liddy cut down some more trees than usual. Meanwhile, let's pull up. We split up, grab the legs, and pull. The weight felt too heavy for me to manage with a little buoyancy.

If it was this heavy, it would have been hard to drag her this far.
"That's why Anne was so exhausted.

 That's why Anne was exhausted. "That's why Anne was exhausted.

 The boar that we pulled out was still ridiculously big. It looked like it could hide two people. In a previous animated film, there was a group of hunters who wore boar fur to disguise their scent, but this seemed like something I could do.
 The guts had been removed, but even so, there must have been a great deal of guts for it to weigh this much. It must have been a good meal for the wolves around here.

 Working together, we managed to pull it out of the lake and put it on the carrier that Rikke and Liddy had built for us. They made it bigger than usual, but it was still so big that it almost overflowed a little.

They made it bigger than usual, but it was still big enough to stick out a little. Stop if you can't.
"Krull, Krull, Krull.

 When I rubbed Krull's neck, she squealed as if to say, "Leave it to me.
 Immediately after, she took a step that sounded like a thud and slowly walked through the forest.