316 pork press

"Sorry to keep you waiting, ladies.

 I said, and laid out the dishes made from the boar meat I had just dismembered on the table. The table was set out on the terrace so that Krull could have lunch with me.
 I made three dishes: one simply grilled with salt and pepper, one grilled with soy sauce and fruit, and one westernized with fruit sauce.
 Each of them is made with fillets, ribs, and loin so that you can compare them. There is also unfermented bread.
 We have mint tea to drink, but we also allowed alcohol, as we knew that today's work would be too time-consuming. So it was no problem for Rike to pour the fire wine into the cup as soon as possible.
 For Krull and Lucy, it was only cooked and not seasoned at all, and they were given it after it had cooled down.

"Bon appétit!

 We all clapped our hands together and began to eat.

I know you have your preferences, so please eat only what you like.

 The "smell" of soy sauce is partly from fermentation, something we don't have here, so it will be hard for those who are not used to it. The logic is similar to that of the previous world, where pak choi is not good if you are not used to it. If you are not used to it, it will still be bad for you.

No, it's fine.

 Anne stabbed the barbecued meat with her fork and put it in her mouth. Then her eyes widened a little.

"What do you think, ......?

 I was worried that it wouldn't be good at all, but Anne said.

"It's delicious!

 Anne said loudly. I'm glad you like it.

"This would go well with an ale.
"Some people do.

 There are two types of people who enjoy yakiniku: those who prefer white rice and those who prefer beer, and Anne seems to be a beer drinker. Unfortunately, we don't have beer, or ale. Unfortunately, we don't have beer or ale, but we don't have white rice either, so we'll have to share.

"It's fatty even after the rainy season.
It's not too tough.

 Deanna joins in my admiration as I pick up a piece of salt and pepper.
 I've heard that the bigger the body, the more muscles are needed to support it, and the more muscles are needed to support the heavy muscles. ...... I've also heard that they tend to become hard, and I thought they might have lost some fat from not eating during this rainy season, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I wonder what the eating habits of the boars in this forest are. .......

The seasoning "Shouyu? It's a northern specialty.
It's a specialty of the north. An acquaintance of mine broke its bones for me. It has a unique flavor, but it's indispensable in the north.
I see.
I'm sure there's a lot of it, and we could supply the empire with a steady supply if we wanted to.

 Anne's eyes glittered as she ate the food as if she were going to eat it all by herself. She seems to be thinking about this.
 If the Empire could get a stable supply or start production, the price would come down a bit. It is not the intention of a single blacksmith to spread the word, so it would be helpful if Anne were to spread the word, even if there is a discussion about who the main source is.

 After that, not only Anne, but everyone in my family asked me about northern seasonings and foods.
 According to my knowledge of the installation, there are natto (fermented soybeans) and umeboshi (dried plums), so I told them about them.

"Natto has a strange smell and strings, is it rotten?
"No, it's not rotten.
No, it's not rotten. - But it's damaged and smells funny, right? That's how it was when my parents had rotten beans.
Yes, but not the kind that makes you sick to your stomach, but a good kind. ......
It's rotten.
It's not rotten. It's like cheese.
Cheese doesn't smell that bad.

 I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it. I think I made a bad choice.
 On the other hand, I feel hesitant to use the concept of "fungus," which has not yet been discovered in this world, in my explanation. As a result, I had a hard time explaining the difference between fermentation and decomposition.
 Because both are exactly the same phenomenon. I guess it's impossible to eat natto at home. .......