317 Start of game(?)

 After lunch, I found myself in the middle of the day, with too little time to work and too much time to laze around.
 Even if I wanted to practice making armor, I would not be able to do much if I had to start a fire in the fire pit.

I should move my body once in a while.

 If it's just a matter of physical exercise, I do a fair amount of blacksmithing and housework. But I don't go hunting, and I haven't been practicing with my sword for a while now, leaving it to Helen.
 I haven't started to gain weight, but I thought it would be better for my health to exercise outside of work. Even in my previous world, I was always told to "exercise" at medical checkups. ....... Desk workers tend to be told that.

"Hey, do you do that too, Eizo?

 As I walked out the door with a wooden sword in my hand, Helen noticed me and called out to me.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

 For the time being, I replied, but I don't think my skills will diminish in the slightest. I'm mostly using the abilities I've been given.
 Even so, there will be a difference between moving and not moving, and it is only when the time comes that you will realize it. There is no harm in moving your body for confirmation.

Let's do it with me!
"Oh, yeah!

 Helen is probably the most happy person I've ever seen in my life. Maybe since the first time she came to my house to order?

 I do my best to prepare myself. I don't want to bring in too many concepts from the previous world, but this is all about my body. I don't want to bring in too many concepts from the previous world, but this is my body.

"You're really into it, aren't you?

 "You're really into it," said Deanna, who saw me doing the exercises, somewhat teasingly.

"You're less likely to get hurt if you do this.
Is that so?
I learned it from my grandfather at .......
Northern customs are interesting. It's like a combination of ritual and practicality.
Yes, it is.

 Deanna gave me a good interpretation, and I decided to go along with it while doing my preparatory exercises.

 Finally, I stretched my body and faced Helen with a wooden sword in my hand. Helen also turned to face me with a wooden sword in her hand.
 We exchange a bow, me bowing, Helen drawing her sword to her chest.

 Helen holds both swords out in front of her, while I hold my wooden sword in a straight line.
 As we face each other, I can clearly see that Helen's spirit is increasing as her tension rises. It was as if she was facing a large wolf. A common soldier or a goblin might have been demoralized by this spirit alone.
 The two of us slowly measure the distance between us. I have a longer reach with my weapon, but Helen has a speed that more than makes up for it.

 The next moment, Helen's figure disappeared.


 As expected, Helen's reputation as a thunderbolt was not undeserved. I managed to sense where the attack was coming from, and swung my sword in that direction. It's no more and no less than a matter of preventing it for now.
 There was a dull thud, and the impact went through the wooden sword and hit my hand. It was all I could do to tighten my hand and keep the wooden sword from falling out of my hand. I can't even think of a counterattack.

A single blow would be too much.

 Helen said with a grin as she opened the gap.

"Did you see that?
Did you see that?" "Only the moment when Eizo barely survived, yes. Not that far at all.

 I can hear the voices of Anne and Diana, who had stopped practicing and were watching the game. Helen, on the other hand, was getting even more determined. Oh no, she's on fire.
 I rolled my shoulders lightly to focus all my attention on this fight.