319 seemingly peaceful days

 The next day, the rest of us were working on sheet metal, making molds, and pouring steel into the molds, while Rike and I made swords and knives. "It's life as usual.
 Anne is a customer, so I always tell her that she doesn't have to do it, but she actively helps me, saying that she has nothing to do. At first, Anne was very happy and sad about the clay for making the mold and the sheet metal, but eventually she started to ask Samija and the others for some tips and tricks.

Helen, I'm having trouble with this part of the mold: ......
"Helen, I'm having trouble with this part of the mold.
"Like this?
Yeah, yeah. If there's a gap, it's more work for you.

I can't get a clean board like Liddy's. ......
That's right. ...... Try to pour it in without changing the flow rate too much.
It's quite difficult.
It's a little different from water, isn't it? It was difficult for me too at first.

 And so on. It's my job, but I need to have fun in my work. The goal is to live a slow life.

I'd like to go out for a while after things settle down.

 I muttered to myself while working one day. These days, I feel most relaxed when I'm working at home like this.
 It's not that I'm under a lot of stress due to my daily breaks and meal times, but it wouldn't be wrong if I had another time to refresh myself.

I'm sorry. ......

 When Anne hears this, she becomes depressed. I'm sorry, that was a bit careless. I hurriedly follow up.

No, no, it's not Anne's fault. If you can spare a little time after you're done, you can come with us.
"Are you sure?
Of course.

 Anne's smile changed from the previous moment to a blooming smile. It was the beginning of the mess, and I haven't completely discarded the possibility that Anne was the mastermind behind all of this, but it's unlikely.
 Because if they wanted to harm us or take us out by force, they had plenty of chances before.
 It is possible that they are waiting for a more suitable opportunity. But that would take too much time.
 Even if you are a blacksmith who makes good products, I wonder if it is worth the cost.
 So, it would not be a problem to go fishing or picnic together at the end. ...... is the last warning point, but it is a decision.

Let's go home with a good memory at least for the last time.
...... I agree.

 Anne said a little sadly. I wonder if she likes this life a little bit. I hope she thinks that the empire should leave her alone because she is living like this in the forest.
 As for the kingdom, Marius (and the Marquis) will keep them at bay for now, so I'm not too worried about them.

 I wonder if Marius and the others are working hard to solve this problem right now. If so, I am grateful. I thanked them softly in my heart and put all my strength into the hammering of my sword.