320 Now, to be delivered

 In my daily work, I added a few more spears to my delivery this time. However, it is not a large number, but about 8 spears.
 The grade is three is high grade and five is normal grade, and they are in the same form as the large quantity I had previously. You may not say so, but even if you don't want them, you can keep them at home just in case. We have a warehouse now.
 As for the production capacity, my skills are improving, and I have been able to keep the number of high-end models of swords and knives. It's just a matter of how far I can go, but I think I'll be okay at this level.

"You're still making things at a very high speed, aren't you?
Even so, there is a limit.
That's true, but... But the master is doing the work of three ...... or more blacksmiths by himself.
I see. ...... Well, it's not my intention to have people quit their jobs because of that.
You might want to think about that a little bit. In fact, in terms of quantity alone, knives and swords are delivered in such quantities that they are spread all over this area. As the master said, there is a limit to production, and I don't think that will happen anytime soon, since Camilo-san is working so extensively, but this kind of thing is an accumulation.

 I've been making them without hesitation because Camilo buys them, but maybe we should keep the total number the same and think about adding more variations besides spears.
 It would be fun to make not only weapons and armor, but also scissors (we have both U-shaped and X-shaped ones around here), saws, pots and pans, and other things close to daily life. Come to think of it, we gave up producing farm tools before because people in the city wouldn't buy them, but if we were to distribute them to Camilo, we could make sickles and other farm tools.
 However, it might be a problem if we distribute those tools. I'll ask about it when I deliver the goods. As for me, as long as my whole family can eat for the rest of our lives, that's all that matters.

 With such thoughts in mind, I go about my day, and the day of delivery arrives. I wasn't sure if I should leave Anne behind this time, but I decided to ask her to come with me, even though she would have to cover herself with a cloth and pretend to be a package, in case things might develop and it would be more convenient for her to be there.

Are you sure?
That's my line. I'm afraid you'll be very cramped.
No, I'm quite all right with that.
We have a number of highly trained guards who will keep you safe.
I've seen it all with my own eyes, so I'm not worried about it. ...... Then, please.

 And so, the next morning, Anne joined the group going out. The next morning, Anne joined the group going out. She was as excited as she had been during the hunt, but this time she was just as excited.
 Seeing this, Lucy was also excited, running around in circles around us as we got ready, making everyone feel at ease.

 After the cargo was loaded onto the back of the truck, Rike got on and went to the driver's platform. Next, Anne and I got on, and Anne sat in the shadow of the luggage, covered with a cloth.
 When all the family members except Deanna got in, it was Lucy and Deanna's turn, but Lucy moved away from the back of the truck.
 As I was wondering what was going on, Lucy ran from the back of the truck and came to the front of the truck like an arrow, then made a huge leap.


 I couldn't help but exclaim at the sight. Lucy had jumped onto the back of the truck. The sight seemed to me like a glittering effect.


 I patted Lucy as she padded up to me.


 She proudly held up her chest.

 I should also add that Deanna came up to the back of the truck, looking a little sad.