321 The rain stops, and the fine weather becomes cloudy.

 With a single cry from Krull, the carriage begins to move. Slowly, the chariot moves through the green and black.
 We can hear the birds singing, and despite our nervousness, the air is peaceful.

It's ironic that as long as we're doing this, it's more peaceful in the forest.
I think it's because I'm Eizo.

 Diana returns my words with a frown. The Kuro Forest is feared by the people of the world (apparently), but as long as I'm here, it's peaceful, and I can't help but wonder what there is to be afraid of.
 However, from what my family and Anne told me, this place is quite large and the animals that live here are strong, so if a person of moderate strength enters the forest, he or she is likely to be killed as soon as possible, if not immediately.
 Therefore, it is said that there are many beastmen who set up their roosts in the trees. It seems that this is one of the reasons why they have few belongings and change their roosts frequently.

 However, for me, it's much more peaceful in the forest where I don't have to think about the mess outside. I don't have to worry about being attacked.
 However, I can't live comfortably and not interact with people. Even if you can get food, it is difficult to get salt and other seasonings in a stable manner when you live away from the world. .......

 In a relaxed atmosphere, the chariot proceeded and left the forest.

 Before heading out on the road, I asked Anne to lie down with a cloth over her head. It's a little weird, but it doesn't look like luggage.
 The guards in town know our family, so they will let us through without any problems. It's a bit of a trick, but it can't be helped.

 We'll keep the streets well guarded. With the Marquis and Marius on the move, they won't be able to do much. This area belongs to Marius, or House Amur.
 But just in case you're not careful and something happens, it's too late.

 Today, the streets seem to say that all is well with the world. The soft sunlight shines down on the road, creating a contrast of green and blue, as if to hide the fact that something is going on behind the scenes. It's a pity that I can't show this scenery to Anne.

 We reach the entrance to the city. My nerves are at their peak, but I do my best to keep my composure.


 I said to him. The guard (who I already knew, and who was no stranger to me) looked at me suspiciously for a moment. I guess you can't fool a professional. I thought to myself, "I'll have to think about telling the truth when the time comes.

"...... Oh, you guys. Thanks a lot.

 That's all he said brusquely and turned his attention back to the street. I don't know if he didn't see me or if he just let me go.
 He looked back at Rieke for a moment, who nodded and picked up his speed again. For the moment, I had cleared the first barrier.

 As I entered the city, the number of people would increase. As we entered the city, the number of people would increase, and naturally, we would have more places to look.
 As usual, when she poked her head out of the back of the truck, people's eyes were drawn to her. In other words, someone who was looking at us in this situation but not looking at Lucy at all was someone to watch out for.

 Thus narrowing down the points to watch out for, we arrived at Camilo's store. As usual, we were greeted by a young man at ......, and unlike usual, there was also a watchman waiting for us.

I thought you would be here soon. I'll take care of the rest, so please come on up.

 The watchman urged. When I told him that Anne was also here, he seemed a little surprised, but then said, "Well, that's great.

I told him that Anne was also here, and he seemed a little surprised, but said, "Well, that's ...... it's a pleasure to meet you.

 We got off the cart and headed upstairs.