327 Going home and intention

 Today, I went upstairs as soon as I arrived at the store, but when I went to the backyard, I found Krull and Lucy there, as usual, being entertained by the cook.

I'm sorry for everything.
"No, no, no. You've grown up, Lucy.
Yeah, I guess so.

 The boy patted Lucy's head and said. She's still a puppy (or a wolf), but she's grown a lot in this short time. She can even climb up on the back of the truck by herself now.
 I don't know if it's because he's a wolf demon or because wolves in the forest are like this. If they grow too fast, we might have to think about something. .......
 As soon as we tip the boy, we're off. In the city, I asked Anne to cover me with a cloth. The amount of luggage is the same as on the way there, or rather more (mainly because of the charcoal, soil and ironstone), so Anne won't be conspicuous on the way back.
 There was a guard standing at the entrance of the town, who I knew well, though not from when I came, so I gave him a little nervous bow, but he didn't say anything to me. There was no reason to stop me.

 When I got to the street, a nice breeze was blowing across the meadow, as if God or something was gently caressing the green carpet with his hand. The sky was shining blue with the light of the sun. It's a pity I can't show it to Anne Frank.
 On the way, there was a discussion about whether it would be okay to go for a little while, but we decided that it would be better to stop until we entered the forest, just in case.
 If all goes well, I hope they will enjoy themselves on the way back.


 A little while after entering the forest, I removed the cloth that had been covering Anne. Her large frame stretched out, making her look even larger.

You must be tired.
No, the shaking wasn't as bad as I thought, so I'm fine.
That's good to know.

 Our cart is equipped with a suspension system that is a little ahead of its time, so it should be more comfortable than ordinary carts. I won't bother to tell you that.
 The forest is not as pleasant as the road or the grassland, but you can still feel the pleasure of a sunny day. It is hard to tell when you are in the forest all the time, but it may be a privilege to be able to feel the smell of the trees slowly.
 We made it home without incident, except for the occasional wagging of Lucy's tail in response to a deer or squirrel, and a slight loss of HP in my shoulder (she's learned to take it a little easier these days).

 We all split up to get our stuff in, and gathered in the living room to sip tea.

We all gathered in the living room to sip tea. "If you want me to bring Anne, you're going to send her home, aren't you?

 Deanna nodded. Well, there's no other advantage to taking Anne with me. That's the last danger.

The best way to get home without any problems is to treat her as a diplomatic envoy, even if unofficially. That way you can have an escort.
Wouldn't it be a problem if he was secretive when he came?
You can give any reason you want. Maybe it was to avoid irritating the surrounding countries. In any case, we can't do anything spectacular on the way back.
So let's pretend we had a meeting at the Marquis' house.
Maybe we'll have to go to the Silver Palace.
"Even though I'm the Seventh, I'm still an imperial princess.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. The Silver Palace is said to be a residence for royalty to meet with foreign dignitaries. Incidentally, they never said that it was decorated with silver.
 It is said that it is one of the ways to let visitors know that they are treated well by making the name of the palace magnificent. I can't handle that kind of attention. .......

It's not so bad if you're a minister and you're a marquis, but for appearances sake, it's better to have royalty handle it.

 The two of them. I'm sure they've taken that into consideration. It'll all be over in four days. Until then, I'll try my best to make a spear and deal with Anne.