328 spear

 The next day . After the morning routine and preparations, we were all in the forge. While I'm lighting the furnace and fire pit, everyone else is moving around or chatting.
 It seems like I'm opening a store at a part-time job in the previous world. Actually, it's similar. Everyone is allowed to come here, and the store is functioning.
 It's different from a normal store in that only one customer comes in a month. If I hadn't been distributing goods to Camilo's store, this number of customers would have dried up quickly.
 However, I can't afford to move to a place where I can easily get customers. .......

I'm sure you'll agree.

 All of them replied to my words, took their places, and started to work.

 Today we will make spears. Four identical spears, and their performance is equal to that of custom-made ones. So we have to make them with all our might.
 From the pile of sheet metal, I'll find some good ones and put them aside. I suppose there is a possibility that everyone will make something of good quality in the future, but it is not good to rely on that.

 The first thing to be made will be the tip of the spear. As long as the performance of this part is satisfactory, there should be no problem for now.
 Of course, the handle of the spear will affect the performance of the spear as a whole. Of course, the performance of the spear as a whole depends on the handle of the spear, because it is useless if the handle breaks easily after piercing.
 However, as long as the hilt is good, the weapon should have good performance.

 One of the selected pieces of sheet metal is placed in the fire pit and heated. The sheet metal is heated in the flames, which turn from red to yellow and sometimes white, turning its body red.
 When it is ready, it is removed and placed on the anvil, where it is hammered with magic power to form a shape. A rhythm different from that of hammering to make sheet metal is added to the forge.

 If it was just a spear to poke, it would be shaped like a triangular or square pyramid, but this time, it would be shaped like a bamboo leaf so that it could also slash to some extent. In other words, this is the way to make a double-edged dagger.
 The cross-sectional shape is roughly diamond-shaped, but the center part for the hilt and the rest of the blade are slightly concave. If one end of a long-handled weapon is heavy, you will need more strength when you hold the other end. Try to hang it from the end of a clothesline and hold the other end up.
 In order to slash, you need to swing the spear, even if only a little. At that time, if the spear is heavy, it will be difficult to handle, so we want to make it as light as possible.
 We want to make the spear as light as possible, so that we can save some materials, but that is a secondary matter, or something we don't pay much attention to.

 You have to determine the temperature and the part of the hammer, put the right amount of force into the hammer, and hit the hammer in a state that says, "This is the only way. I am able to do this because of the power I have received, but recently I feel less like I don't own it than before.
 I used to feel more like I was being taken care of by a cheat power. I wonder if the power has become familiar to my body. If so, I am grateful for that.
 However, if you ask me to put it into words, it is still very difficult. I'm doing it completely by feeling. ....... If I could verbalize it well, I could teach it to Rike. ....... Sorry, Rike.

 He's watching my work from the side. From time to time, he mumbles something like "I see" or "I see", so it seems he's absorbing something.


 The rake groaned.

"What's up? What's wrong?" "Let me know if there's anything on your mind.
This spear is also supposed to be able to slash, right?
Won't you cover the soft iron with hard iron like the katana you made before?
Oh. ......

 Some Japanese spears have ears made in the same way as Japanese swords. I saw some famous ones in the previous world, and many of them had very beautiful blades.
 I was asked for four identical ones. They didn't ask me to make them like the ones that are on the market. I thought it was because if it was a custom-made product, people would know that it was a good one when they saw it, but if that's the case, then it wouldn't be a problem to make the ears in a different way (according to the standards around here).

Okay, I'll go with Rike's idea. It's going to take a little time, but three days shouldn't be a problem.
Excuse me, sir.
No, no, no. Thank you for saying that.

 I patted Rike on the head to show my gratitude, which was a bit out of character for me.