330 Completion of prototype

Okay, let's get started.

 After finishing the morning's work and lighting the furnace and fire pit, I put on my best face and got fired up. What was still just a stick with hard sheet metal on four sides needed to be made into spearheads today.
 I would like to make four spears today and tomorrow, and three spearheads today if I consider the spearheads and handles.

 I put the iron rods which were hardened yesterday into the fireplace and heated them up. It will take time to heat them if you include the portions that have been pasted around them. If the outside becomes soft but the inside remains hard, even I can't process it. .......
 When the heat has penetrated to the inside, the shape is adjusted. The part that will become the tip is not covered with hard steel before shaping. By shaping this part, the hard steel on the other four sides will extend and just fill in. Naturally, there is a little thickness on the other four sides including this part.
 Heating and processing are repeated several times. When processing, of course, I do my best, and weave in a lot of magic power from the surrounding area. The periphery of the ear is thin and thickens toward the center, with an indentation like a flume in the middle. This should make it both hard and light.
 At the base, I made a stem similar to the stem of a sword, so that it would be held in place by the handle instead of being inserted into it.

 In this way, a shape was created that looked like a sword without warp attached back to back. When the blade is quenched by placing quenched clay on it, the blade pattern can be added, but it is not exactly the same.
 However, it does not mean that I can make exactly the same one. I would like to say that I can, but I probably can. However, it may be doubtful whether it is exactly the same or not, so the hardening itself is done in the same way as when making a sword or a knife. There is no blade pattern.
 The ear, heated to the appropriate temperature for hardening, is placed in a tank of water, and the familiar sizzling sound echoes in the forge.
 I waited for a while, and when the temperature dropped to the appropriate level, I pulled it out. I checked its condition while tempering it with the flame of the fire pit.
 The color was still dull, but the ear seemed to be in good condition.

 After lightly polishing, the ear revealed its silvery appearance. The blade is attached to the ear with a whetstone. Since it would be used mainly for piercing with the tip of the blade, I gave priority to that part of the work.
 The sound of sheet metal making is now mixed with the sound of slurping. It's like a different kind of music from when I was beating on the anvil.

So that's how it's done, huh?

 Anne, who seemed to have been watching my work from time to time, said so. She seems to be doing her own work at the same time. That's very clever.

That's right. This time the master is doing this, but there are many other ways to do it. ......

 Rike started to explain quickly. The way he gets excited like this, I'd say he's a genuine blacksmith, yeah. Let's think so.

 In the meantime, I quickly used my knife to make a temporary handle out of a piece of wood I found lying around. The tip of the handle is split in two, and the stem of the ear is inserted into the split.
 I made a hole in the stem similar to a nail hole, so I hammered a nail through it, wrapped a leather cord around it, and the prototype was complete.

"Hey, Helen!

 I called Helen. She replies, dropping the cloth she's been holding around her mouth.

"What is it?
"Can you help me with something right now?

 Helen looked at Camija, and Camija nodded.

Try this one out.
Here? Here or outside?
Outside, of course. Sorry to interrupt your work.
I'm sorry to interrupt your work.

 Helen said, catching the spear I threw at her. Helen said, catching the spear I threw at her.
 I followed her, excited not only to see the workmanship, but also to have a chance to see how good Helen was with a spear.