331 performance test

 Helen was doing her preparatory exercises, rolling her shoulders and twisting her waist with the handle of her spear.
 In the meantime, I set up a log from the yard, a log that used to be a carrier for hunting game. It's a simple target.
 Before I knew it, everyone had come outside, and Krull and Lucy had noticed and gathered around.


 I'm not sure if I'm used to being the center of attention or not, but Helen seems to be ready and sets up her spear. For the time being, she pointed the tip of her spear at the target. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.


 Helen struck the target with her spear, as fast as ever. The movement was over faster than the blink of an eye. The fact that there was almost no sound when she hit the target may have made her movements appear faster.
 The tip of the spear is deeply embedded in the target.

What do you think?
Hmm, the thing is good, but it's still weird!

 Helen said with a laugh.

Helen laughed and said, "I can barely feel it. It feels like the tip of a normal spear is just a little bit stuck, but as you can see, it's really deep.
I see.
I guess it won't be a problem once you get used to it.

 You mean that until you get used to it, you might not be able to handle it well because you are confused by the difference in response. There's room for improvement in that area.
 The ideal form would be to make the weapon fit the user's senses, but with greatly improved performance.

So, the next step is to slash away.

 Helen pulled her spear out of the target and held it up as if she were swinging. It's dangerous, so we'll keep our distance. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.


 I heard a whooshing sound from the wind, and then I was swept away. I'm not sure what you're talking about,......, but I'm sure it's super fast. The name "lightning" is not an exaggeration.
 Then, slowly, the log slid down at an angle. That's when it was cut off.
 Samija and Rike were applauding. Lucy, whether she knew it or not, seemed to be praising Helen with a "wan wan".

Does it cut well?
"Well, who would have a problem with this much cutting power?

 "Well, who can complain when you can cut like this?" Helen said, as if she was taken aback by my words. The rest of the family and Anne nodded their heads in agreement. I think Krull and Lucy are doing the same, but I'm just imagining it, yeah.

I know the feeling of the slash is uncomfortable, but have you noticed anything else?

 I asked, and Helen swung her spear around, keeping a little distance. It's cool to see how she thrusts and cleaves at the virtual enemy, each movement is so elegant.
 After checking her spear for a while, Helen said.

"Hmm... No, it's not. It's not badly balanced for a hastily made handle. This one's going to have a spearhead, right?
Yes. That's the plan.
Well, I think it's all right.

 In other words, the balance is just a little forward now, and it will be best if you add a pointy end.
 At any rate, there was no problem in the performance test of the ear. It's a relief to hear that from a professional, even if you know it's almost certainly OK.

I'm going to finish three more of these, then. You guys can take a break.

 I say, and head back to the forge. I was followed by the voices of Krull, Lucy, and the others who were having fun.