332 Let's get back to work.

 It may be a bad thing to say, but the core iron is more skimpy than usual. I was confident that there would be no problem since the skin was made with a lot of effort, but I was still somewhat worried until I checked.
 However, if Helen's skills were good enough, there would be no big problem.
 If you can make one, the rest will be easier than making that one. You can use your own work as a model, and above all, you have the know-how to make one.
 Even though it's almost like a cheat, I think experience has a lot to do with time and other factors .......

 If it looks the same, it should be structurally the same, unless you are making an imitation for ornamental purposes.
 If that is the case, then we can make the same parts, and it is more efficient (in my case) to do the same process at once.
 I was relieved to see that my "man-hour estimate" of three days, which took into account this factor, was not far off the mark. I was relieved to see that I hadn't generally missed the deadline. Delays in delivery bring back the trauma of the previous world, whether I was a factor or not. ....... I've worked 35 straight days: .......

 I put my hand on my cheek and brought my distant focus back to the problem at hand.
 First, I'm going to mass-produce three pieces of iron core. I have to be careful not to put too much pressure on them, because if I do, I'll end up with something that's just plain hard.
It may sound strange to say "I care about slightly lowering the performance," but if I have to, I have to.

 Get the sheet metal and heat it on the fireplace. When it is as red as the flame, I take it out, place it on the anvil, and beat it into shape. It is good if it is in good shape at this point, because it is not until later that the final shape is made.
 Be careful not to put any magic power into it, and once it is shaped into a prism, it is done. Just as I was about to start the second one, everyone came back.

"Oh, are you done?
They were both satisfied. They had a drink of water and went back to the hut by themselves.
Is that so?
They had a lot of fun.

 According to Deanna's mom and Rique's sister (or so Krull and Lucy thought), they were satisfied after playing with everyone and went right back.

Lucy is growing up fast, though. I think she'll be able to hunt a small deer soon. I'm sure Krull has taught her well enough not to bite us too hard, though.

 Helen may have said this without thinking, but Liddy and I looked at each other. I don't know about Anne, but Lucy isn't just a wolf. She's a child who was forced to leave her pack because she became a demon.
 She is a child who has become a demon and was forced to leave her pack. Perhaps because she (the wolf?) is unaware of this, she is currently known as a "cute puppy".

"Is that it?
"I guess it is.

 I talk about it with Liddy in a way that Anne doesn't understand. When the deception becomes too much, I'm going to say that she's a special kind of forest wolf.
 In the first place, I wonder how demons that are accustomed to people are handled. As a matter of course, in this world where the rule of law is not thoroughly enforced, defeating demons may not be an expedition based on a law, but if there is a law that says "harboring a demon is a crime of death", we will be in a bit of trouble.
 I'll ask Marius about it when I get to the capital. .......

 I scratched my head and went back to my work, puzzling over where I was going.