337 the opening of an informal peace conference

 In spite of its ordinary design, I thought it was a luxurious fabric. If I were to use an exaggerated example from the previous world, I'd say it's like a UNIQLO T-shirt made of natural silk. Those who understand it will understand it, but those who don't will not understand it even if they see it.
 When I realized that the man wearing it was the emperor, I tried to kneel down in panic, but the emperor interrupted me with a hand gesture.

You may be at ease here. You're not my vassal, and more importantly, you're not dressed to impress in these clothes.

 He then smiled broadly. I felt a cold sweat trickle down my straightened spine. I've never been good with old men, even in the previous world.

When he said he was a blacksmith living in the Kuro Forest, I wondered what kind of vicious man he would be, but he seemed to be a peaceful man with a bad eye.

 The "bad eyesight" was unnecessary, but it was a compliment, wasn't it?

"Thank you for your kind words, sir. I am Eizo, a humble blacksmith.
Yes. I am Alexei Safin Andreyevich Wiesner, Emperor of the Empire.

 He did not kneel, but he bowed deeply. It was a northern bow. He did not seem to be particularly suspicious, so he must have some acquaintance in the north. It was a good thing I did not tell him my family name.
 Green eyes pierce me from the sockets of his chiseled face. If I say something I'm not comfortable with, they'll know. I should be as honest as possible. .......

"I am Camilo, sir.
Yeah. Thanks for your help this time. I'll take care of the story.
Thank you.

 Is Camillo involved in the emperor's entry into the kingdom? Yeah, he'll stand out if the Marquis and Marius move their own pawns. I guess the price is to make it easier to do business in the empire.
 I thought Camilo wanted to get more into the heart of the kingdom, but I guess not. Or perhaps he is planning to play the role of a double agent.

"So, Annemarie.

 The emperor turned his face toward Anne. Immediately, Anne shook her head. The emperor saw this and laughed again.

"Well, I suppose you're right. I know it when I see it. He has no desire to do so. Not with the reward I've prepared.
There's nothing I can say.
Good. I was naive. I'm sorry.

 The emperor pats Anne on the back with his hand. It's not a conversation between father and son, but between emperor and vassal. I wonder if this is how they usually talk. If so, it's a little sad.
 However, since this is the upper echelons of another country (and the highest echelons at that), and since it is about someone else's family, I do not interfere.

 You are asked to be seated, so you take a seat. The Kingdom's people were seated on one side of the long table, and the Empire's people on the other side. Of course, Anne sat on the side of the empire.

Let's begin.

 With Marius' words, the situation became much more relaxed. I feel like I could drop a needle on the carpet in this room right now and catch the sound.

First, let's talk about the plan.

 And so the cleanup of this matter began.