338 a less-dancing conference

"Just to confirm, you are certain that the attack on Her Imperial Highness was a collusion between the Baron of the Kingdom and the Count of the Empire?
That is the understanding on the Kingdom side.
On the Imperial side, too.

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. He must be a man of high rank since he is here. It's just that Camilo and I are too low status to be in the same room.

This way, then.

 When Marius gave the signal, the door opened and a servant came in. He had two spears in his hands. I sensed a strong killing intent from the emperor's side. It wasn't a man with a thin face. It was a woman sitting on the other side of the emperor. Probably a bodyguard. From the information I've gathered so far, it could be one of Anne's many "mothers" or a potential one.

 The servant left the spear on the table and walked out without seeming to care about the killing. That's quite a bold move. A servant who can pass off a level of deadly force that would make Miss Frederica faint? .......
 The moment the servant leaves, the killing power disappears. I heard Camilo sigh secretly.

 The emperor pointed a spear with his chin, and the woman sitting next to him took one in her hand. She was still holding it in her hand. I don't think she would point it at me, but I secretly shifted my waist so that I could kick Marius who was sitting next to me in case she did.
 Then the woman glanced at me. You caught me. This is the kind of thing you can always cover up. But it could cause trouble.
 The woman sniffed lightly and went back to inspecting the spear.


 The woman said quietly in a low voice and put the two spears together behind her. I guess that means the deal is done.

Afterwards, you can do as you please.
All right.

 The Emperor nodded at Marius' words. The Emperor nodded to Marius.

Now you have everything you need for your plan.
I don't think we need to be so careful. I don't think you need to be so careful. I don't care how good the product is, if you have to get rid of two people in the middle of the night, it's not like you have to go out and get it.

 A woman messes with a thin face. The woman's face, which had been cool all this time, twisted. He probably didn't intend to tell me or Camilo about the gist of his plan. It must have been the same for Marius and the Marquis.
 As if to confirm this, the Marquis sighed loudly.

"Well, there you have it. You see the land that I was supposed to get? There's a land I'm supposed to get, and an imperial count is going to sally forth to retake it. We got that information from an intelligence officer, and we're sending a baron. I'll send men from my country to either side.
"So, what's the rush?

 The Marquis nodded broadly.

They're not stupid. They'll take their own men and they'll wear good armor. That's where your steel piercing spear comes in.
"I see.

 The people here know the quality of my weapon. Marius and the Marquis have seen it, and the emperor sent Anne to my house because he knew about Helen's weapon, so how could he not know?
 The woman seems to be arguing that we can kill her with an ordinary spear without doing that. That seems to be the woman's argument. That's understandable.
 But if that's all she's saying, I don't understand why she's bothering to include me in this discussion. At least from the standpoint of my position, I'm only a blacksmith, so why not just shut me out, give me a gold coin when the conversation is over, and say goodbye.

 And it's not like the emperor is going to go out of his way to see him. It was the woman and the thin face who were actually doing the talking, and it would have been enough for them to come. The emperor would be absent for at least one day.
 I wonder if there's enough to talk about to create such a void.

 As I was pondering this, the emperor said to Anne, sitting next to him, as if it was nothing.

"Oh, yes, Annemarie. You will stay in the kingdom.