340 take on behalf of

"Then let us pay the price, not the assistance.

 As the Marquis said this, the servant who had brought the spear earlier now brought a leather bag.

It's a gold coin. Please take it.
Take it." "I'll take it without reservation.

 I took the heavy leather bag from the servant and put it in my pocket. I do not change the number of gold coins. I have confidence that he will not be stingy here, and pride that he knows what will happen if he is dishonest here.

So, I hope you're done with your business with me, and I'd like to take my leave.
"Yes, of course.

 The Marquis and the Emperor nodded humbly at my words. There's no need to stay long at this kind of place. You never know what you'll hear if you stay.

So long.

 As I stood up to leave, Anne stood up at the same time.

"I think you should stay here for a while longer, Annemarie.

 If you come to my house, you'll basically be living between the forest and the city. They don't often go to the city, and even less often to the empire. They might go on a kind of comfort trip, but in other words, that's the only opportunity they have.
 Even if they did go on a trip, it would not be easy for a simple blacksmith and his family to meet royalty.
 So, this is one of the few times I will be able to see my immediate family. I wish I could stay with them as long as possible.

No, I have no reason to stay here either.

 But Anne refused. She looked at me with some determination in her eyes. If she's ready for it, it's not worth saying anything more.

"I see. Well then, if you'll excuse me.

 With that, I bowed deeply in the northern style. Anne imitates me. Before leaving the room, I said to Camillo, "I'm going to my father's. I'll meet you at the Count's mansion when I'm done." He nodded and pulled out a bill. A pass.
 I tapped Camilo on the shoulder to thank him.
 The moment I walked out the door, the Emperor called out to me.

What can I do for you?
Take care of it.
I'm at your service.

 Is it as a parent or as an emperor? I want to think it's the former, because if it was a "proper" statement, I wouldn't have called on her at this time, but in any case, I don't intend to treat Anne indifferently. I looked the emperor in the eye and nodded, and he nodded back, and we left the room.

Now, let's eat, shall we?

 As I closed the door, I tried to be cheerful. Whenever I feel like I'm lost in thought, I just eat a bowl of rice and most things become unimportant. Maybe it's just me, but...

"You said 'your place', didn't you?"
Yes. An acquaintance of mine runs a diner there, and the food is delicious.
I'm looking forward to it.

 One of the servants outside the room led me to the dining room, and we talked as we walked down the corridor. When she's like this, she looks like a daughter of her age. ...... if you keep your eyes on the two-handed sword on her back.

Are you taking that with you?
Yes. It's a bit exaggerated for self-defense, but I thought it would be easier to bluff my way out of unnecessary scrutiny.
I see.
You're going with it, aren't you, Mr. Eizo?
Yes, well.

 I'm keeping the ice on my waist. Of course, I was planning to go to my father's place. Even though the city is safe, it is not so safe that women can be seen wandering around unattended. There was a good chance that some trouble would occur.
 As for Anne, she may want to take care of herself as much as possible. If she is fine with it, so be it.

 In this way, the two men, who appeared to be rather noisy to the outside world, left the Marquis' villa.