341 old man

 Anne and I strolled through the inner city, the city inside the inner wall. The man is a northerner with a sword hanging from his leather belt, and the woman is a giant, tall and carrying a two-handed sword as large as she is tall.
 Their looks were out of proportion to each other. Anne is a princess. Perhaps because she is a countess, Deanna is also extremely beautiful, but she is no less beautiful.
 Perhaps that's why some people sometimes look at her without concealing their interest. Maybe it's the effect of the sword and the two-handedness, or maybe it's because I'm too out of place, but they don't call out to me.

 Neither Anne nor I said a word to each other on the way. We walked silently toward our destination. Eventually, we came to a familiar gate, the inner gate that separates the inner city from the outer city.
 The gatekeepers looked at me without hesitation, but it was their duty to do so. I took out a pass from my pocket and presented it to the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper gestures with the pass to indicate that we may pass.
 Anne and I walked past, bobbing our heads in acknowledgement.


 We walked a little further out of the gate, and when we reached the main street, Anne opened her eyes and mouth. Today, too, the city is crowded with people.

When I saw it from the carriage, it looked a little more normal, but now that I'm down here, I realize how many people are here.
"That's true. It's been a long time since then, and the crowds are starting to increase.
I see.

 When you look at it from a lower point of view, it may look crowded, but in this case, it may be a synergistic effect of the actual increase in the number of people. Anne was satisfied and looked around at the people and stalls.
 Now that she was on the main street, she felt less out of place, but the combination of men and women carrying weapons, northerners and giants tended to attract attention.
 The good thing is that there are many more people here than in the inner city, and not so many people give you a rude look.

"This way.

 I hurried Anne a little bit, partly because the situation was still not completely resolved, and partly because I didn't want to attract too much attention. Anne just said, "Okay," and followed me.
 She looked like Lucy when she was following me, and I almost smiled, but I did my best to hold it back.

 Her store was not far from the main street. I got there shortly after, and led Anne to the entrance.
 Perhaps we were just in time before the peak, but there were only a few customers. Seeing us coming in, the owner's daughter showed us where to sit, and we took off our weapons and sat down.

"Father! There's that blacksmith again! He's got a new wife!

 The father's daughter shouts something very misleading to the back of the room, where the kitchen is probably located. The answer came quickly. What? almost as soon as the voice said, "Eizo!

"Eizo! What about the rest of the Kaa?
"They're not family. They're not Kaa. And this guy is family too, but he's not Kaa. It's just me and him today on an errand for the Count. I'm done with my business and I'm hungry so I came to eat.
So you didn't abandon the other Kaaka?
Do you think I could do that?
You can't do it, if you think about it!

 And then he laughed out loud. What, you think you've switched wives?

I'll let them help you and feed you.
Just let me pay for it today.
I'm getting good at this!

 Ignoring my words, he retreats into the kitchen. As I watched him with a wry smile, I pondered how to explain to Anne what had just happened and what was to come.