345 Let us return from the capital.

 Chillin' at the various stalls in the outer city. I looked around for a reference, but I couldn't find any stalls selling weapons or armor. Even with the presence of explorers, I guess they don't usually sell that much.
 Instead, we found a stall selling daily necessities. I talked to a young man who was tending the stall, who looked to be about 15 years old.

"Oh, so your workshop is somewhere else?
Yes, it's a little far from the capital, so I'm bringing it here.
Don't the workshops in the capital give you any trouble?
"Most of the workshops here receive orders from the nobility. They won't say anything about this. I've been asked to rent the eaves of this place, and I've talked to the nearest workshop just in case.

As he said "here," the young man pointed behind him with his chin. There was no sign on the wall, but it seemed to be a workshop of some kind. I can still hear the sound of a wooden hammer being used to pound something.
 The products made in this workshop do not compete with those sold at street stalls, and are probably not the kind of things that would be sold at a street stall. I don't know what it is, though.

 On the other hand, it's necessary to have some kind of reason to talk to the nearby workshop, even if it's just a precaution. Since you are renting a place, you should not cause trouble to the landlord by any chance.
 On the contrary, it seems that even in the capital, you are free if you keep these things in mind. Although it's not completely free like the free market in the city (they pay a fee for every stall), it's not too strict.

 After killing some time in this way, we leisurely returned to the inner city. I took some precautions, but no one seemed to be thinking of doing anything wrong, like when I came here before on a family trip (or something like that).
 Well, there are not many people who would want to attack a man and a woman with a sword and two swords in their hands.
 If they do, they must have a very good reason. Not that I don't have some ideas about that, but I don't think I'd go for it at this point. The risk is too high.

 You show your pass to the gatekeeper on the inner wall and walk past. Even though there is a certain amount of traffic, it is an area separated from the noise outside. I don't mind the calmness here, but I prefer it outside.
 And so we were once again an odd duo, heading for the Count's mansion, or in other words, Amur's mansion.

 When we arrived at Amour's mansion, a familiar guard nodded and let us through, so we bade him goodbye and went through the gate. Inside the gate, Mr. Bowman was waiting for us.

I said impatiently, "I'm sorry, did I keep you waiting?

 I said impatiently, but Mr. Bowman smiled and said, "No, no.

I said impatiently, but Mr. Bowman smiled and said, "No, I'm sorry to bother you in front of your customers, but it was a good break and it's my job to wait.

 I was relieved to hear that. I'm not sure if it's humility or a sense of professionalism to not make the customer feel intimidated, but if you don't mind, then yes and no. .......

 In the room that Mr. Bowman led me to, Camilo and Marius were chatting.

"Where is the Emperor?
He's gone. We need to get on with the case as soon as possible, and I hear that work is piling up while we're wasting time in this meeting. Take care of my daughter.
I see.

 I thought the emperor was going to see his daughter before he left, but it seems he's too busy to do that.

I'm sorry.
It's okay. I knew you would be.

 Anne smiled at him. She didn't seem to be holding back. Maybe they had only been able to talk occasionally in the first place.
 As her new family, it would be nice to have more time to talk.

Well, now that Eizo and the others are back, we'll be leaving.

 Camilo stood up as if to change the atmosphere that had become a little depressing.
 I tried to be cheerful.

"Right. Don't stay too long.
Eizo, why don't you come over here sometime?
"No, you're too busy for that.

 Marius replied with a laugh and we left the room.
 Now to go home with my new family.