344 searcher

Well, I guess we're almost done over there.
It's been a while, hasn't it?
Yeah, but now they'll be eating lunch. We'll hang out for a while and then come back.

 We wander through the crowded streets. It was noon, and the street vendors were busy selling food. There are a lot of people with well-worn weapons hanging around here and there today, so Anne and I don't stand out.

Are those explorers?
"Yes, they are. There are so many of them, I wonder if they've found some big ruins.
There are a lot of ruins in the Kingdom, so I'm sure there are some that haven't been found yet.

 In this world, there was a big war between the demon race and other races a long time ago (and it ended in a painful split), but legend has it that there were several big wars even before that.
 Some of them were won by the demons, some by other races. At that time, not a few buildings, both above and below ground, were abandoned, especially those used for military purposes. ...... Nowadays, they are called "ruins", and sometimes part of the military funds of that time or something is lying there.
 These unmanaged treasures are owned by the first person who finds them. Well, it is safer to give some of it to the lord who rules the land. It is the "explorers" who search for these ruins with dreams of getting rich.
 However, there are not infinite ruins. So, when they don't find any ruins, they work as handymen or mercenaries.

It's useful for distributing information.

 Anne laughs with a not-so-good face. In this world, there is no global organization like the so-called "Adventurer's Guild".
 However, there is no reason why they don't closely exchange information for self-defense, as they are treated as if they were thieves. If you take advantage of this and distribute various information, it will spread to a certain extent due to the fact that they travel around more than peddlers.
 The Empire took advantage of this, I suppose. Well, the kingdoms, republics, and even the marquises do it.

You never thought of becoming an explorer, Eizo? You're so good with a sword.
No. I like to take it easy.
You could have come to the Empire.
I can only see myself being used for all kinds of things.
Do they know?
Yes, of course.

 That's what Anne and I laughed about. I guess she hasn't given up, but she doesn't seem to be actively seeking the empire anymore.
 I think it's a good trend, because I don't want her to get sick from carrying too much stuff in her stomach.

If there's an ore or something I really want, I might consider going out to explore a bit.
I see. I'll let you know at .......
I'll be lonely on my own, so I'd like to go with the whole family if I can.

 Anne's face lights up when she hears my words. She seems to have understood that the word "family" is included in my words. I hope she'll get along well with the rest of the family.
 As I strolled around the stalls, I thought vaguely about the future.