347 My dream

 I had a dream.
 I dreamed that I was a normal daughter, blessed by my father and mother, and that I was going to marry handsomely. It was a very happy dream, and when I woke up, I was even disappointed that it was a dream.

 It has been many years since I became the daughter of my father and mother. They say that I had a real mother, but I don't remember her, though I understand her.
 They died not long after I was born, but they were my father and mother, at least when I first became aware of them.
 That is why I have always called them Father and Mother. I always refer to them as my father and mother, so there is no problem.

 I can't marry normally for reasons of convenience. At least, not until I find a partner with a very low probability.
 I can't help but feel ashamed about that, but I think it's not a bad idea to end my life without marrying, or to take care of my father and mother as a daughter.

 I also have a sister. My sister and I are both different from our fathers in race. That's why we don't understand each other's language.
 I call them that, but I'm sure that Father and Mother have never heard the same word.
 That's why every morning my father would say to me and my sister.

"Krull, Lucy, good morning. Let's go get some water.

 "Yes, Father.

"Yes, Father.

 But we don't understand. But we are okay with that.
 My sister is a dragon, called a running dragon by the people, and I am a wolf born in this forest. ...... Because of the magic of this forest, I have become a wolf monster. I'm not sure when Mother Liddy told me this.
 This is why my intelligence is far superior to that of an ordinary wolf, and my sister is closer to a higher level dragon than an ordinary running dragon.

 My father and sister have two water bottles each, and I have one. Five of them are enough to last a family, including us, for a day.
 We slowly make our way through the forest. My nose caught a sign.

I know.

 There's a pack of wolves in the distance. They were once my kin, but I don't care now. If it comes for me, I'll send it away for your father's safety.
 Whether he knew the content of our brief conversation or not, he smiled gently and said, "What is it?

"What's wrong? Don't worry. I'll protect you.

 Strong words. My sister and I were happy to hear those words, which probably came out naturally, even though he probably knew that we would be fine even if he did not.
 We both licked our father's face, though.

 Perhaps sensing the presence of one of the three of us, the pack of wolves did not approach us when we arrived at the lake. My sister and I looked at each other and smiled. It's better if we don't have to do anything.
 As soon as my father set down the water bottle, my sister jumped into the lake with a bang. I followed suit. After soaking in the water to remove the dirt from my body, I got out of the water and asked my father to wipe me off.
 That's my daily routine. I never miss it when my father is around.

 When he is done, he carries a bottle of water back to the house. When I get back, we have breakfast together. Today we're eating on the terrace, so your sister will be close by.
 What's more, Mother Helen is going to play with us later today. Mother Helen is one of the most athletic of the mothers, so we have to be ready for her.

 Thus begins what Father calls a "normal day". If it were true, we would never be able to live such a peaceful life. When I think about it, I feel as if I'm in a dream.

 Oh, I wish that ...... such a happy day will last forever.
 That's my dream right now.