348 the morning of "always

 When Anne and I got home that day, we ate the dinner that everyone had prepared for us (my arms were up) and went to bed early. I was feeling very tired.
 The time I spent facing the emperor of the empire was only a moment, I think, but it must have been mentally overwhelming. I lay down on the bed almost as if I were collapsing, and my consciousness quickly fell into darkness.

 The next morning, after a good night's sleep, my body was back to normal. Well, it was my mind that was tired to begin with, not so much my body.
 I stretched and moved my shoulders in circles. When I went outside, Krull and Lucy were waiting for me to go out with my dad.

"Okay, okay, let's go get some water.

 I stroked them and then got the water bottle ready. I'm only giving it to Krull for now, but I wonder if the day will come when I'll give it to Lucy too. Hopefully, everyone will live safely until that day comes.

 Carrying the four water bottles, I wandered through the forest. It's a beautiful day this morning, and the dawn light fills the forest, making me feel refreshed.
 Krull and Lucy seem to be in a good mood, and Krull is bouncing around, and Lucy is running around Krull and me, barking excitedly.
 I breathed in the morning forest air, relaxed by it. The cool, crisp air filled my lungs while the temperature had yet to rise.
 That was enough to drive the remaining sleepiness out of my head. As if to fill the space left by the sleepiness, my schedule for the day runs through my head, but until I finish fetching water, I want to make this time my top priority. I gently shook my head to get rid of the plans and empty my head.

 Eventually I reached the lake and filled the water bottle, which was as empty as my head. In the meantime, Krull led the way, taking a dip in the lake with Lucy. It's like a bath for them.
 The water in this lake is quite cold, probably because it's bubbling here and there. I haven't been in this world for a year yet, so I haven't experienced all the seasons, but this kind of temperature in any season would be useful in the hot season. On the other hand, you may need to think about it in cold weather. .......
 They were splashing around until I finished drawing water, and before their bodies cooled down, I wiped the water off with a towel I had brought with me.
 Unless you've been on a long trip, the dirt on your body is mostly dirt and dust, not much oily stuff. It doesn't mean that they don't get dirty at all, so I might have to wipe them with lukewarm water when the time comes, or use what the ladies use for their hair.

 On the other hand, I also wash my face and wipe my body with water here, though I don't go naked. In terms of quantity, it's probably not a big deal, but I'd like to save the amount of water we use at home.
 The number of people in the house is the same as it has been recently, but the family has grown by one, so we can't just do things on the spur of the moment.

 When I'm done, I split up with Krull to carry the heavy water bottle full of water and head back home.
 Lucy is running around as if she wants me to carry it, but no matter how much of a demon she is, she can't carry anything bigger than her body.

"Womp womp!

 Krull's voice was gentle and soothing, as if she was trying to calm Lucy down. Since Lucy's arrival, Krull has become a big sister to me.
 And so our first morning routine, which included a walk and a few other things, ended in a leisurely fashion.

 By the time we finish fetching water, everyone is usually awake. It takes a certain amount of time to go and come back.
 I say "mostly" because some of them haven't woken up yet, but needless to say, that's Anne.

"You said you're not a morning person.

 Deanna didn't seem particularly bothered. Deanna didn't seem to mind.

"You can't wake up yesterday. You're not Eizo.

 That's Samija.

No, no, no, I was tired enough.
You're not as strong as I am. You're just as strong as me.

 Helen replied to my objection. It's been a little while since I've been here - I mean, I've been out on the front lines for a little while now, but she's still a great mercenary.

I'm sure you'll be able to wake up at a time that's not too late.

 This is the earliest wake up time in our house, except for me. She's always been a craftswoman, so she wakes up early. Next was Liddy, who used to live in the forest (and is now giggling at our exchanges), then Samija and Helen about the same, and finally Diana.

 I wonder if Anne will be the last one in the future. Well, I don't live my life with a precise clock. We don't live with a precise clock, and if the morning time is a little longer than usual, then that's just the way it is in our house.

 While everyone else was getting ready for the morning, I went to the kitchen stove to prepare breakfast.