349 a bed and a room

 So Anne woke up while I was preparing breakfast. She was sleepy-eyed and was being helped by everyone to prepare for the morning.
 She is bigger than Helen, but somehow she looks like the youngest daughter.
 I continued to prepare breakfast for the big girls.

"So, you're going to finish that first?

 In the time after breakfast, I told them what I was going to do.

We'll get Anne's bed and the room extension done.
I thought you said you didn't want a new room.
"Oh no, .......

 I scratched my head at Samija's words.
 Yes, I was the one who said that there would be no need for an addition because the family would not grow any more. But the fact is that we have more Anne, and there is no guarantee that we won't have more in the future.

But the fact is that there are more Anne's, and there is no guarantee that there won't be more in the future, and more importantly, it would be better to have a storage room in the house during the long rainy season, if not the rainy season. And if you're going to build it, just in case, just in case, you know? If you're going to build one, it'd better be able to be converted into a room in case there are more people living there, right?
"That's true.

 Deanna seemed to agree with my words.

I think it's absurd to assume that there won't be more people living here.

 It was Liddy who said it in a quiet voice. She seemed to have a slightly cold tone in her voice.
 Everyone nodded, and Anne, the last of the extended family, smiled.

I'm not going to let my family use the guest room, so let's clean it up.

 When I said that, they all agreed, albeit sparsely, and began to prepare for the work.

 There is a terrace at the end of the current corridor. So the new room cannot be extended to that side. We'll have to extend it around the field to make a U-shaped building.
 Liddy's opinion on the sunshine of the field was also taken into account, and it was decided that there would be no problem since the open field is also on the south side.
 There is room to consider whether to make it a "L" shape or to extend it in another direction via a terrace, but enclosing it would indeed be a problem for sunlight, so we will probably have to build a separate building. ...... No, we don't plan to increase the number of buildings. There is no plan to increase it.

 Also, since we have more people, we decided to make the beds and the rooms at the same time.
 The bed will be made by me, Liddy, and Anne, and the room will be made by everyone else - Samija, Rike, Diana, Helen, and Krull and Lucy. Lucy's role is to be a cheerleader (cheerleader wolf?). But.

But when it comes to building a room, you're better than me.
That's right.

 Deanna holds Lucy in her arms, still able to hold her, and sighs as she replenishes her fluff.
 In my absence, I had built Helen's room and the one that would become Anne's room, and before that, I had Samija and Rike build their own rooms, so they have much more experience than I do.

Just do it.
I'll take care of it.

 Samija makes a humping motion. I stroked her head and we got on with our work.

 There is already a bed in Anne's new room. The reason for making a new one was that the existing bed would fit, but it was still a bit small.
 As I cut out the wood for the bed, I said to myself

As I cut the wood for the bed, I asked, "Oh, by the way, the bed in the guest room is a little bigger than the one in the guest room.

 Anne looked embarrassed.

Anne shyly replied, "It's just barely ......

 Anne replied shyly, "Just barely. Maybe that's why I was always late getting up, because I couldn't sleep well. I feel bad about that.
 I can put up with it for a short stay, but it will be tough if I don't know how long it will be.
 It is obvious that if you are going to rebuild your body, it would be better to make it fit better.

Then, let's make a very luxurious one. "Then let's make a very luxurious one, with a palace and a canopy.
The palace and the legs will have elaborate elven carvings.
Don't do that. I'm interested in elven carvings, and I'm interested in Eizo's canopy with palace, but no.

 The three of us laughed as we continued to saw.

However, the saws of a rare blacksmith are very sharp, aren't they?

 Anne said, looking closely at the large saw that was cutting the wood. This is the same saw that "cuts too much and makes me feel sick (according to Samija)".

"Rare is .......
I'm sure every wood grinder in the world would love to have one of these.
"I'm not going to let anything of this quality go out.

 "If it's a high-end model, or even a saw, I'm not going to let it go out there.
 If anyone wants it, they'll have to come here themselves. I'm not going to bend the terms of the Imperial Emperor's request.

I know.

 Anne sawed with a wry smile.

I know," Anne said, sawing with a chuckle, "it's just like Samija said, it's really weird.

 This time with a laugh.