351 Finished and thanked

 The next morning, none of us were down with hangovers, and we all woke up in good spirits. If some of us had kept up with his pace, some of us would have been completely crushed, but we all knew better.

How's your room coming along?
It's going well, with Krull's help.
We'll be done day after tomorrow at the earliest.

 My question was answered by Deanna and Samija. The day after tomorrow. Day after tomorrow, then we can help.

 After breakfast, I don't do any blacksmithing today, but I do pay my respects to the altar in my workshop.
 Anne seemed to feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but now we are doing things together as usual.
 Regardless of the religious significance, it's also a good way to change your mind.

I'll finish the parts, you two assemble them. You can ask Liddy about Anne.
All right.

 The wood is already cut. Cut the mortises quickly with a chisel and hand it to them. After receiving the wood, they decided that Liddy would support the parts while Anne would hammer them into place. Every now and then, Liddy would indicate where to strike, and Anne's mallet would strike the part with a cracking sound. Then the parts went together smoothly.
 One by one, the parts were finished and handed over for assembly. Soon the bed came into view. I didn't make a palace for this one.

All that's left is to put up the boards?
That's right.

 I could have done the final touches myself, but I decided to leave it to the user.

Like this?
Yes, yes.

 I placed the nail on the board and nodded to Anne, who was asking me. I nodded to Anne, who was asking me about the hammer.
 There was a clanking sound, and nails were being driven into the boards and the beams below. Then all the boards were in place. It's done.

"Yeah, it'll be fine.

 I touched the bed here and there to make sure it was done. It was tightly assembled, so even if it bounced around a bit, it wouldn't break anytime soon.
 I doubt that Anne would do that, though. I'm not sure if Anne will do it, but I'm sure she'll have soft bedding (Camilo will actually do it), but it won't be spring loaded. No ......, right?
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Liddy and Anne were both pleased with my words. It's great when you can make something. I chose to work as a blacksmith just to experience it.

 The finished bed is brought into the room from outside via the terrace. In the past, things made outside had to go through the living room, but now that the terrace has been built, they go through there.
 I was a little concerned about hygiene, and since the distance to be carried is shorter this way, I think it was a good decision to build the terrace.

"Is it around here?
Maybe a little further.
This way.
Yeah, right there.

 And so the bed is installed. It's already been a while since I had lunch. Even if I were to help with the room now, I would only be able to do so halfway.
 I asked Deanna if she still needed help, but she said, "Please start tomorrow," so our work for the day was done. There's no need to rush more than this bed over there.
 So we started to move the bedding and Anne's stuff from the guest room to the private room. I'll leave the small stuff in the bedding to Anne and Liddy. There's also underwear and stuff like that. .......

 Since I had some free time, I prepared a slightly more elaborate dinner that night. Everyone was happy, so it was worth the effort.

 At the dinner table, I said.

At the dinner table, I said, "Well, now that the beds are made and the rooms are ready, we'll have to do something to thank or reward everyone. Is there anything you want? I don't care if it's money or something.
It's a family thing, so I don't think a reward would be bad.
Hmm. That's a little weak, but still...

 I myself have done a lot of unprofitable things because of family and friends, so I feel like I can't say it too strongly.
 However, considering the fact that I live in this forest where I am half self-sufficient, I guess it is true that there is not much I want. It's also true that I don't know what I want suddenly.
 I think I was a little too hasty.


 While I'm reflecting and everyone's groaning, Sarmyah slaps her hand with the meat in her mouth.
 Everyone's eyes were drawn to it. Samija swallowed the meat in an embarrassed manner and said.

"How about each of you and Eizo spend a day together?

 I was a little puzzled by Samija's words, but everyone else was excited, "That's a great idea! Everyone else was excited.