352 extension of a building

"No, is that what you want?

 I said, trying to control the crowd. All eyes are on me.

"You can get something more expensive. Like a new accessory.
'No, I don't have anything like that right now.

 Samija said. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. I've already bought accessories before, so I don't need them, you say.

Besides, a good craftsman's time is expensive.

 Now for Rique. If a custom-made sword costs no less than two gold coins, that's how much my time in a day costs in monetary terms.
 In other words, even from a purely monetary point of view, there's a good chance that this is more expensive than something like an accessory.

I'm sure time is better than just buying something and giving it away.

 Deanna continued as if taking over from Rike.

Well, if you guys are okay with that, I'm okay with that.

 After I said that, everyone went back to talking about what they wanted to do. Of course, I couldn't intervene in the discussion.
 I thought about stopping them if their requests were too absurd, but that didn't seem to be the case, so I proceeded with my meal in silence.

 The next morning, after completing my routine, I came to the area where the room was being extended. The pillars, joists, and rafters were already in place, the hallway was covered with floorboards, and some of the walls were covered with boards.
 A normal-sized bed, originally placed in Anne's room, was propped up.
The corridor was a little wider than usual, probably because we were told that one of the rooms would be used as a storage room for a while, so there seemed to be enough room to carry in materials.
 So it occupies a part of the corridor, but not so much that it interferes with the work.

This could be finished as early as today.
"If Eizo and the others help, maybe.

 Helen replied to my words. We've got three more people.
 We're going to divide into three teams: the team that makes the boards, the team that puts up the floor boards, and the team that puts up the wall boards.

 After the floor and wall boards, the shingle team cuts out the roof boards, and when they are done, they move on to the roofing. The team consists of two strong men, Helen and Anne (or more accurately, three men with Krull carrying the cut boards).
 I'm a little worried about Helen and Anne, since they don't have a history together, but when I consulted with Diana, she immediately replied that they would be fine, so I decided to go with this combination.

 Now it's just me and Rike for the floorboards, and the rest of you for the wallboards. I've assigned Lucy to go to all of them and cheer them on. I wonder if she will be able to help when she gets bigger.

 We hammered the boards into the floor joists. I'm a cheat, and Rike is experienced, so the work goes smoothly. We put up the floorboards first to make room for work and materials.

You work fast, sir.
Is that so? I'm not as experienced as Ricke.
You don't hesitate at all. He's like a craftsman who's been doing it for years.
If you say so, I can work with peace of mind.

 As for me, I just do what I know how to do, so I swung the hammer down on the nail against the board, feeling a little sorry for myself.

 The sound of the hammering started in the morning. We all had lunch on the terrace. Lucy and Krull are with us, of course. The menu itself is the same as usual, but it's nice to eat in the sunshine with a nice breeze.

 During the break after eating, Samija, Helen and Diana are playing with Krull and Lucy as they run around.

You're doing great. ......

 My mumbling is met with agreement from Anne. I'm following their movements with my eyes, but I don't think I'm strong enough to join them.
 I can't argue with you at all if you say that it's wrong to compare me with Helen, who has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of physical strength, and Diana, who has been trained by the beastmen Samija and her hunting.

Let's get back to work.

 I said to her as I cleaned up the dishes with Rikke and Liddy. Well, I guess I'll have to work a little harder.