353 a vacant room and a storage room

 From noon onwards, we continued with the work, but no matter how fast the work is, it's not so easy to finish the floor and wall panels for two rooms.

 The roofing is still to be done. There are no trees around the house, so the view of the Akane-colored sky is not bad. If there is a transparent material, it might be possible to build a part of the house like an observation room or a sunroom.
 For a moment, the idea of making the terrace glassy also crossed my mind, but since Krull would not be able to poke his head in (physically), I rejected the idea in my mind.

 The next day, before noon, the floor and wall panel team finished their work. The sun was shining in the empty, uncovered room.

If it doesn't rain at all, it might be more pleasant here.
"Then all living things would dry up and die, including us.
There are creatures in the desert, but they have enough moisture in the fog and rain to survive, so we'll have to do without it.
"What do you mean, 'desert'?"

 Samija, who seemed to have finished cutting the boards, joined our conversation.
 A beastman who has lived in this forest for a long time doesn't get to ask that question very often. A traveler would not come all the way through the dangerous desert, nor would he stop at the dangerous Kuro Forest, if he were not so sure.

There is a place where it is very hot because of the wrath of the earth gods, but there is no rain because of the lack of blessings, and there is nothing but stones and sand. It's called a desert.
Wow, there are people living in such places?
"I heard that some of them get water from under the ground, and can live even with a little water. I've never been there, so I don't know.

 According to the "installed" knowledge, the deserts of this world are apparently located in a country far away from this area -- a federation of tribes and races, like the UAE in the previous world. --I'm not sure if I'll ever get a chance to visit it in my second life.

You know a lot, Eizo.
Well, I've had my fair share of exposure to knowledge.

 "Well, I've had the opportunity to come into contact with a lot of knowledge. "Well, I've only had the opportunity to come into contact with a lot of knowledge.

"Tell me something else.
"Whenever you have something you want to ask me.

 I replied, and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

 We ate lunch together on the terrace, and in the afternoon the whole family went to work on the roof. Whether it helps or not, Lucy is running around and barking as if to say good luck.

 On the roof, me and Rike, who can work fast, and Samija and Riddhi, who can climb trees and work at heights, are up there, while the other taller members of the family and Krull are in charge of passing the shingles from below.
 While making the overlapping portions, the shingles are gradually moved upward to make a roof that looks like a roof made of thick roofing shingles.
 Since the overlapping parts are large, we could only make progress little by little, but thanks to everyone who is getting used to this work, we finished the roof while there was still daylight.

 I couldn't help but raise my arms above the finished roof and say

"It's done!

 I shouted. The three people who were also still on the roof raised their hands, and everyone below, including Krull and Lucy, cheered and applauded.
 But it's always nice when you can make something big. I've been thinking about building a corridor to get to Krull and Lucy's hut. .......

 I threw the bed that had been left in the hallway into one of the new rooms, and now it's completely finished.
 The room at the end of the corridor will be used as a storage room for a while.
 Then I realized something.

I just realized that the room and the hallway are not connected by a wallboard.

 Deanna answers. I was going to ask her why, but she said.

I was going to ask her why, but she said, "Because we might have to extend the hallway from here. It's easier to do this then.

 I couldn't say anything back and retreated to the kitchen, scratching my head.