354 a promise kept

 As a memorial to the completion of the room extension, I made dinner a little more luxurious than usual. Drinking was also banned.

 No, actually, we don't prohibit drinking in general. If there is work to be done on the next day, we restrict drinking so that it doesn't affect the work, but if someone wants to drink, we usually serve it.
 However, people usually don't want to drink, probably because I don't usually drink. Not even Rike. The reason I don't drink is because I'm weak.
 I've already explained to Anne that it's okay to drink, but perhaps because she's good at reading the situation, she hasn't said anything either.
 So, we naturally end up drinking at such small celebrations.

"Cheers, then.

 They set their cups together. Rikke quickly drains his cup and starts on the second one. If you like it, why don't you drink it regularly?

Speaking of which, if we get two sets of bedding, we can have two guest rooms. One of them is a spare.

 I said casually in the middle of talking about the room we had added. Helen responded.

"The other one is a storage room, right?
Yes, it is. I thought it would be a good place to put things that we don't use often, but are useful to have in the house.

 Everything else can go in the storage room next to Krull's cabin. The storage room is not too far from the house, so things that are only used occasionally can be placed there.

So, alcohol and meat?
I guess so.

 Both liquor and meat are currently stored in the warehouse. It's not that it's a pain to go get them after work, but if they're at home and you can go get them, that's more convenient.
 ...... I guess I'll have to put a lock on it when I have to watch out for snacking.

It's not like you're going to have to rush to get it in, but we'll see. If you have something you want to put in there, you can do so, but you'll have to call out to me. If you want to add something, you can do so, but please let me know.

 A voice of understanding echoed around the dining table. Then we talked about making time for each other.

"Well, whatever I can do, but not the day you make the delivery.
I know.

 The one who wrinkles the bridge of her nose and makes a sour face is Samija.
 She's the one who started the whole thing, and unlike the rest of the group, her request could become the standard. That's why she's so careful about what she asks us to do.

Let me know when the others have decided.

 Once again, the voices of agreement echoed, and the dinner ended in a lively fashion.

 The next day, we started to make the delivery. Anne would be joining us today, but she had helped us before, so it wouldn't affect our progress too much.

Even though you've helped me before, I'm sure there's still a lot you're not used to, so just ask around, okay?
Even Helen, who was the last one to come to our house, has been doing it for a month or two, so don't try to do the same for Anne.

 The busy days pass and a new "normal day" begins with the addition of one more person. The sound of iron clashing with iron and the gurgling of flames echoed in the forge.

 After a few days of such "normal" work, the quantity needed for delivery would be reached. This time, Helen would not be wearing a wig, and Anne would not be hidden.
 We don't need either of them anymore. It's a secret that Anne is in our house, but no one would think that a mere blacksmith would have Her Imperial Highness.
 Anne has also never shown her face in public before, but unless she is a very close acquaintance of mine, I'll just pretend to be someone else.

 As it turned out, nothing much happened until we reached Camilo's store. Of course, I did not neglect to take precautions along the way.
 When we entered the city, the guards who knew us looked at Anne for a moment, but they did not say anything to us.
 I feel like I've already been recognized as such. I was a little reluctant, but the benefits were greater, and there was no reason for me to start making excuses and drawing Anne's attention.
 So we all just bailed and walked on by without saying anything. Including Anne.

"It's a little amusing to think that an imperial princess bows to a single guard.

 Anne tried to argue with my words, but I interrupted her and continued.

"Well, I'm just Anne, a Titan who's currently holed up in the Eizo workshop. There's nothing wrong with bailing on the guards.

 Anne looked satisfied with that and sat down again. I'd like to include her as much as possible in the 'usual' activities of the Eizo workshop.

 As usual, I left Krull and Lucy in the hands of the boy and went into the business meeting room. After a while, Camilo came in.

I feel like it's been a long time.
Was it the last time you were in the capital?
It was kind of turbulent. ....... So, how's business in the Empire?
It's going well. If it doesn't go well with the emperor's direct intervention, I'll be a complete idiot, so I have no choice but to make it go well.
"I see.

 After that, they talked about the amount of deliveries as usual, and when Camilo looked at the head of the store, the head of the store nodded and called out from the room.
 Then another clerk came in with a basket full of leather bags. I don't know what's in it, but whatever it is, it's quite a lot.

"Is this from ......?
"The client of this has told me to say. "Sorry to keep you waiting." They also said. "Please take care of Liddy."

"Elven seed!

 Camilo nodded. He had faithfully kept his promise to send me seeds that could be bought with a single gold coin, a promise he had made to me when I had repaired the Elven Treasure Sword.

 The leather bag full of seeds on the table seemed to me as if they were shining brightly.